Divine Prophecy 2013

2012 and 2013.

Every year God speaks prophetically to His people for the purpose of prepare it and bless it. The 2012 was incredible prophesied with several phrases, including “Tears in Europe”, “Water Scarcity”, “The return of lost people of the Israel’s Home”, “God will show His true Church” and “nomads Cities” and his fulfillment was notorious. The prophetic words came alive. God showed again that He uses His servants humble to transmit the truth to His people.

The truth for the 2013 already said, your senses will be ready to assimilate?

Divine Prophecy for you.

“I Greatly Sustenance to my people. I Sustenance to mine, everyone will be fully sustained and supplied in this period, I will raise up My Church from the root. Sustenance their projects, their ideas, their homes, their jobs, their dreams, their businesses, their lives and their own spirits; will be like the valley of dry bones, because the dryness will be transformed into oasis; I will put provision where there was shortages, meat where there was only bone and life where there was death, and many in this period will be raised to the glory and exaltation of My Holy Name, says the Lord. Sustenance will come upon my people, I Sustenance to mine and raise them up.

Sustenance on their hands. Sustenance on their lives. I will be his full and complete support. In the desert you will be sustained, remember beloved people, because it will be: in the desert you will be fully and absolutely Sustenance as part of my people.

There will be severe and great scarcity in all nations, but I Sustenance to my holy people and they shouted: “Jesus is Lord,” I will establish a level change in my people and comes the day that will no longer My people who ask the world, it will invest the roles and then the world will ask to my people. My people shall be as the provider of the unbelievers in this period, and incredulous hands were lifted asking and receive what they ask, to his amazement and glory of My Name. Amazed because resources change hands fast and deeply, rich owners will others right now in this period, the wealth changed of places, nations and families, says the Almighty.

Supernatural miracles will occur in favor of my people. Debts will be canceled without human intervention, healing will be provided without medicines and help contacts appear without previous notice, and I will glorify me before those who have believed in me. What they thought impossible will be possible before their eyes.

New laws will be promulgated, writings never before seen or read shall be placed as a law before the peoples, the nations will experience new laws that change the society and culture of each region. Different laws shall be promulgated by decree, laws never before heard will be heard and will be dictated to people who write in books what should make people so they can live. I will allow the decree new laws, says the Almighty.

Stronger winds. I allow that the earth scourge the nations with extremely high winds, trees will be cut down and the windows will thunder at the sound of the wind, continuing storms, hurricanes and tornadoes will be allowed on the coasts and peoples’ territories. There will be extremely strong winds over the nations, says the Lord.

The sky will change color, will see the skies change their tone and it will be a sign that times have changed and will change much starting from this period. Will see very different the sky, says the Lord of hosts.

Dramatically increase the evil in the world. News that tormented the ears of those who listen, people will be panic to go to the streets due to the excess of evil, things that had never happened, things that have never before been heard be counted by word of mouth and cause alarm between the people . The evil flooded the earth, the love of many shall wax cold because of the excess of evil. People dreamed nightmares, the evil torment the minds of people, but the Lord will deliver his people and will sustenance them supernaturally before of unbelievers all.

Purposes and Gifts I Will disclose to everyone who confidently approached to my throne, will be a period of spiritual growth, says the Lord Almighty. I Will disclose the destinies of many people, and many people will be willing to leave everything behind when they discover the reason for their existence, everyone yelled “crazy” on the streets but I will fulfill my purpose of blessing in their lives. I will reveal the gifts of my People and everyone will know the gift that I have given for his blessing and glory of My Name. Many know their purpose and destiny on earth this period.

Society and culture will be deeply impacted during this period and amazed people will see how everything is changed before them, laws, roads, and relations, also the same way of life will be drastically changed during this period, I will allow that the laws, roads and relationships be transformed at this year, I am the Almighty, I say it.

It will be the third year of preparation for my holy people. The last year which I will train and prepare my people for the period that will experience the world. This year I terminated the training of my people and be a people prepared, able and trained for all the things that I will allow to occur soon in all nations.

The next period will be lighted the eyes of all My holy people, because everyone will see all my Glory. I the Lord of Hosts, really say it.


SPECIAL: Divine Prophecy 2012 unmasked (In spanish)

The world must know this!

YouTube: The day that all changes

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