Have sex does NOT mean do the Love.


Have sex does NOT mean do the Love.
Pornography does NOT mean “sexual teacher”.
Pregnant on purpose NOT mean that the true Love born spontaneously.
Having many couples do NOT mean you’re an expert on Love.
Having oral sex does NOT mean that you remain virgin.

So: Find Love, changes sexual teacher and keep you Virgin.

Being single NOT means sadness and loneliness.
That like you someone does NOT mean that is your ideal couple.
That someone write you a poem and dedicate a song does NOT mean that really Love you.
Caressing the genitals does NOT mean that the relationship passed to another level of Love.
That you find attractive to someone of the same sex does NOT mean you’re gay.

So: Wait for your ideal couple, be sure to give and receive Love actions and stop thinking you’re gay.

Stop eating NOT means diet.
Going to the gym does NOT mean turning your body into your god.
Vomit everything you eat does NOT mean that you will have a model’s body.
Be own of your body does NOT mean you can fill it with vices and junk.
That the world only values ​​your outside does NOT mean you should play their game.

So: Eat intelligently appreciates the inside of people and do a lot exercise.

Being productive does NOT mean working without resting.
Having more technology at your fingertips does NOT mean that achieving success will be easier.
Being a millionaire does NOT mean absence of problems and challenges.
Be own of a business does NOT mean be own of people who work in the business.
Being famous and wealthy does NOT mean that you be successful.

So: Work with passion, enjoy the challenges and saving.

Just because something is easy does NOT mean it is the best.
Just because something is difficult does NOT mean it is not worthwhile.
Fail NOT means failure.
Just because something no working in a way NOT means that will never work.
That someone tells you that you can not do NOT means it’s true.

So: No give up. Never.


May you be strong does NOT mean you can not mourn.
May you be leader does NOT mean you can not go wrong.
Woman does NOT mean “sex slave.”
Man does NOT mean “macho charging.”
Human being does NOT mean “self-sufficient”.

So: always be humble, love your neighbor and recognizes that you can not live without God.

Legalizing gay marriage NOT mean that God bless it and approve it.
Be own of your body NOT mean that you can enjoy pleasure and then murdering babies.
Say a “white lie” does NOT mean you stop being a liar.
Worship images and statues NOT mean that you’re worshiping to God.
Respect your neighbor does NOT mean you fulfill the command of “LOVE your neighbor”.

So: Do not be murder, Worship directly to God, and give true Love to your neighbor.

Read the Bible does NOT mean that you know personally to God.
Praying five minutes NOT mean you have the right to a life of Miracles.
Going to church does NOT make you Son of God.
Called Christian does NOT mean you’re safe.
Having a Ministry does NOT make you superior to others.

So: make sure you know personally Holy Spirit, do not trust your eternal life to a religion, and live your life so that everyone knows that you represent to God on the earth.

We must re-learn to live. Many times what life has taught us is not the right, and what we do only harms and demolish ourselves, we must allow to God show us the truth. The Bible is our life’s manual, read it carefully and if you have doubts go directly to the Author: JESUS​​.

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