Damn, damn pride.


Damn pride.
There is something that must tell you.
There is something thatI am sure will to hurt you.
I know that do not will understand my words.
I know that you scream after hear me.

You should know that you have destroyed my life.
You should know that have gotten into a tunnel without end.
I know that you have mocked me.
I know you exert a strange power in me.
I claim you’ve manipulated my feelings.
I claim you’ve filled my heart with resentment.

Damn pride.
I’m sick that controls my thoughts.
I’m sick to torment me with false presentiments.
I’m tired to make me keep silent.
I’m tired that you confuse me about what I really feel.

“Do not talk never” said me.
“You have to keep your dignity,” yelled.
But never talked about the consequence.
Never informed me that would destroy my own conscience.

Damn pride.
You took me away from the people who Loved.
You left me alone and totally disappointed.
Destroyed my job, my finances and my patrimony.
Destroyed my heart, my joy and my marriage.
You made me believe that I was superior to others.
You made me think that I deserved more things.

You filled with envy my heart.
I wish the prohibited things of all earth.
Change mi gaze causing me confusion.
And covet all of others became my only illusion.
As an innocent girl fell into your macabre game.
Without imagine that the result would be my complete collapse.

You changed my heart.
Wrecked my reason.
Now I am full of unforgiveness.
Now I’m full of fatalism and disappointment.
Now I dedicate to insult and envy.
Now I spend my life trying to forget.

Damn pride.
Kept me from fighting for what was right.
Kept me from using my wisdom and intellect.
Kept me from asking for a new opportunity.
Kept me from stop living in a world of falsehood.
All they saw the perfect woman that would not be controlled by anyone.
While you and I knew we lived of pure air.

You told me that Love is silly.
You told me not ought to bend knee ​​by anyone.
But my heart was dying for lack of Love
And you pretended that all was well forcing me to have many nights of sex and sweat.

Just wanted to say “I am sorry”.
Just longed shout “I regret”.
Just wanted to say “I need you”.
Just longed shout “I Love You”.
I wanted a second chance to laugh.
I wanted a third chance of living.

You stopped the beating of my heart telling me that all damage me.
You stopped the beating of my heart assuring me that just would suffer heartbreak.
But you have hidden me the truth.
Do not guide me with sincerity.
And you not have worth to destroy all my happiness.

Damn, damn pride.
You turned me into a bitch panties.
Nice on the outside but unclean on the inside.
You forced me to change my body.
You forced me to increase my curves and hide my feeling.
“More provocative than all the other” I said.
“It is best that never nobody see you mourn” assured me.
You turned me into a piece of bleeding flesh.
When I had to be a heart of life falling in Love.
You turned me into what I always hated.
You turned me into what I always criticize.

Damn, damn, damn pride.
Today things have changed for you.
Today I regained control of myself.
Now I know that you’re not my friend but my worst enemy.
I know that do not looking for my happiness but my punishment.

The Truth and you are completely opposite.
You enslave me, the Truth sets me free.
You make me live in fear, the Truth makes me feel confident.
You make me weak, the Truth makes me strong.
You tell me “no”, the Truth say me “yes”.
Your turn me into the devil, the truth makes me Daughter of God.
Damn pride, today I heard the Truth.

Truth can not lie to me.
Truth does not hurt me.
He is the Truth.
He Loves me.
“Ask for Forgiveness and say to everyone that you Love them without fear.” said me softly.
“You are unique and special, you not need compare yourself with anyone.” whisper in my ear.
“Do not change your body because it is My Temple.” firmly assured.
“Express yourself, and never keep your feelings because it hurts you.” revealed to me with Love.
Be humble and you will achieve much. Be proud and lose everything. God blesses the humble.” He said me.
“Humility is the consequence of God to reign in the heart, pride is the result that satan reigns in the heart.” assure me.
“Original sin from devil and the mankind was pride. Pride cursed everything and curse you too.”

“There is NO “good envy”. All envy damage your heart, murders your happiness” say me with deep Love.

“Why envy the blessing of others if God has prepared YOUR own blessing?ask me sweetly.
“Pride does NOT have the ability to save your finances, dreams, work, family, marriage and your eternal life.” He said looking into my eyes.
“The existence of pride, envy and violence is a clear sign of a heart immature, sick and empty of Love.”
“It is not money, nor beauty, nor religion or knowledge which make you a great person. Is the humble heart and genuine Love.”
“Humility is NOT a defect, it is a virtue, the pride NOT a virtue, it is a defect.” He said me softly.
“The only way to transform your pride and envy into Love and humility is talking to me. Pray. I do the work in you.” He said me softly.
“I Love you deeply and everything will be fine.” He said with a voice so powerful and beautiful that transformed my world.

Today damn proud I was made Free.
Today I tell you GOODBYE.
Today I met my Deliverer.
Today I met Love
Today I met JESUS.

“Above all else keep thy heart of pride, hatred, vanity and lack of forgiveness, because it is the wellspring of life.” JESUS​​.

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