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Sex has taken a new dimension.

There is a “new face” sexual today. The sexual relationship between people of the same sex is crossing a line and it is more common to read and hear questions about: is bad or good the gay sex? is fine experiment with our sexuality? is born as gay or the life made them? what say them / how I behave / what I do/ with my gay friends? even if it’s bad “feel something special” by someone of the same sex. Fear, attraction, doubt, curiosity and even a certain amount morbid and excitement fuse to give birth to that “new face” that is slowly enveloping minds, movies and videogames, a face criticized by some, cursed with hell by other and approved by others.

“I’m in love with her, I know. I care about her, I like a lot and why not say it: I get excited when I close to her … but for some strange reason I can not get be at peace, something inside me is not quiet. I love her, my feelings for her had not ever felt for someone, I want to go live with her forever, but do not understand why feel like that inside of me, nor understand why people criticize me so much… this is about my happiness.” These words were written by a teenager Jessy * of 22 years old, looking for answers. The first question that filled my mind and heart was: really exist that we call Love between people of the same sex?

1. Gay relationships. Good, bad or what?

Let us be brutally honest. Sex is good, delicious and somewhat helpful. Sex is not dirty, is HOLY. Is not about pleasure, is about LOVE. Was not designed by the devil, but by God. Designer and absolute creator of sex is GOD. The mental taboo that exists in the mind of many people is that the word “sex” immediately is associated with something hidden , dirty pleasure that is not good … and has nothing of true these claims. God created sex to which humans had descendants … the first order received by Adan was: “Join and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it ….” In other words God tells Adam that is His Will, is His order that he have sex with Eve, and then be multiplied to such a degree that fills the earth! This statement holds a profound truth: sex is spiritual and not human.

The fact that is Divine at 100%, which has been designed by God, and has a divine purpose, reveals without doubt that not only the concept of sex is purely Divine but the answers and parameters of sex, comes exclusively from God. Many see sex as something “separate” from God and that is totally wrong, because there is no original concept of sex unless God this 100% involved in him. Sex without God can not be called sex, because it was He himself who created and defined the parameters that define that is truly a sexual relationship.

God designed a man and a woman.
A vagina and a penis
A powerful fusion spiritual, emotional, physical, human, and mental. That is SEX.

Sexual desire is bad? NOT. God in His extreme kindness made us we liked the sex, the dilemma is that the concept of pleasure was designed to have it in couple and in a certain way. The devil has always sought to alter that original state and thus aims to introduce concepts in the human mind as “masturbartion”, “anal sex” and “oral sex”, “gay sex”, but all of them only alter the perfection and the original state that God designed the sex. The original has no substitute. When man unites sexually penis with penis, or vagina with vagina, intends to use the body in a manner contrary to their original design. It is more than obvious that it was precisely God who design genital organs different such that together they complement in a sexual relationship. Homosexuality is not God’s design, is the re-design of the devil. If there is a planet “created” by the devil the relationships would be gay. The dilemma is the same as tattoos, vampirism, lesbianism or a taste for the “dark”; the devil has been in charge of presenting it as something “cool” and modern and the new generation has believed. LOTS of TV shows more “current” present specifically these topics. They have ignored the lot of biblical scriptures that exist against vampirism, lesbianism and witchcraft and satan continues while devastating the blessing of many lives.

Therefore God hates these music videos, TV shows or movies where homosexual relations are used to “attract more audiences,” as they are contrary to Him. The gay relationship is against the original design of the Almighty, so a penis with a penis, or vagina with a vagina, can never reach the level of pleasure, blessing and life that only a relationship under the Divine Design can get to live.

More that call it “sin”, this is that goes against to God and therefore never reach the fullness of life that He paid for you on the cross of Calvary. God loves you, but your true happiness, real love, real peace, purpose, ministry, sexual fulfillment, emotional and spiritual does not exist under that condition. When you agree to get accustomed to that sexual condition or to play that “innocent” games, you’re telling God you’re against Him and that you is favor to the devil.

God loves you so much that He does not wants you to have simple little blessings lackluster, He longs for you it perfect.

Romans 1:24-27 “People change the natural by unnatural, man having sex with man and woman with woman and God curse them.”

2. HIPER pleasure

Divine design allows us to achieve 100% of sexual satisfaction, all “design altered” never achieve the true pleasure and always stay at a percentage less than 100%, which is why masturbation is never enough, because we never fully satisfied and therefore continue to seek pornography “stronger” sex toys more “exciting” and more sexual partners, with the desire to achieve something that only exists under God’s perfect design.

God loves you so much that yearns that not stay with blessings to “average”, or incomplete, He longs all happiness, pleasure and Love about your daily life, that is why seeks avoid anything that impedes that full blessing. Homosexuality is a barrier to this level of blessing. Homosexuality is the way in which the devil seeks to eliminate that the human being reaches sexual true pleasure. Sex 100% pure and good only exists in the relationship between man – woman in marriage under the Coverage of God.

Not easy, but not impossible, It is possible. While your mind and heart keep looking to God and still believe possible and longing for a true life, God bless your decision deeply. We have testimonies of ex homosexuals showing that Yes can be. The same God can heal the genitals is the same God can heal your sexuality, the key is that you want that transformation. The lack of sexual miracles is because we do not believe them possible!

Homosexuality is not a “new way to love” is the human sexual curse. A real demon door.

3. God and homosexuality.

1 Jhon 4:8 “The one who does not Love does not know God, for God is Love.”

This point is the most controversial, but hyper True. The Bible decrees that God is Love, in other words not saying that “feel” Love, that live of Love , that talk of Love or think much in Love … is saying that He is made of Love, therefore only who know God, can experience that what we call Love. Love and God are one. A person without God really does not know the meaning of Love, because only the same essence of Love: God, is able to show us that is exactly that we call Love. GOD IS LOVE, Therefore someone without God is like someone without Love .. impossible to know Love and be Loved.

I say this because if God is not the owner of the relationship is really impossible that they Love and the possibility of sexual failure, human and emotionally is extremely high. The gay Love NOT has the support from God, so He will not be in that relationship and therefore the possibility of exists and experience the real Love in their life is IMPOSSIBLE.

GOD, LOVE AND SEX ARE ONE. Without Him in our life at 100%, Love and sex never reach His fulfillment, blessing, ecstasy, and coverage at 100%. Only with Him is possible “get the juice” to the Love and sex and therefore to our spiritual life. Love is not about feeling something nice for someone, or that someone like it physically or get excited much with someone … this is something much more. Love is not about emotions, is about decisions, not are feelings; is about sacrifice and surrender, is not something human is something Divine; not is about human beings but of God inside of human heart. God designed the sex, our genitals and the same concept of pleasure, therefore sexual potential depends on our union with Him, the same God who heals our body is the same God who heals our sexuality, the same God who takes care of our genitals is the same God who cares our sexual identity without God our sex life will always be damaged and incomplete. Understanding this reality allows us to heal our sexuality and advance to a new level of blessing as a human race.

LOVE WITHOUT GOD CAN NOT BE CALLED LOVE; is feeling, pleasure or desire, but not Love.

Close with this:

This whole issue of “legalization” social and psychological about gay relationships are just the “road” to the antichrist. It is important to reaffirm that there are very high chances that the antichrist will be homosexual, the Bible decrees it thus, which is why that all this “glamor” with which this “marketing” gay sex only open the way for what the Bible calls “the great tribulation”. The human being is determined to forget that God is the Designer of sex and therefore is the more than obvious it was he who designed us genital organs different such a way that together they complement in a sexual relationship. The design homosexual is contrary to the original design and Divine for sex and that only kills the soul that Jesus saved on the cross of Calvary.

God loves homosexuals, do you likewise. God hates homosexuality, do you likewise.

Sexual Counseling

NOT to homophobia, YES to Love.

Tithes and Offering.

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