Everything you need to know about this hidden pleasure called ‘masturbation’.


Masturbation. Sex solitary. Straw. No matter how you call it, the 21st century is full of people who practice even at the cost of so many conflicting opinions, Verily few actions that generate controversy like masturbating. In the 21st century is a total TABU.

This is only for pleasure? It’s just a hormonal vent? A strange liberating of emotions? Anyway today there are millions of people masturbating, and all do so for a common reason: to feel pleasure, for what it’s worth doing a direct question: is masturbation symptom of a sexually advanced generation or otherwise is a symptom of a sexually unsatisfied generation?

It’s time for real, radical and actual Answers about masturbation:

Sexual unsatisfied

The biggest problem is that in the minds of many the pleasure is locked in his genitals. We wasted the real potential that we have as human beings to enclose our sexuality and pleasure in just one area of our body, when the truth is that we are primarily sexual beings and every part of our body is designed to experience pleasure and to provide it, ignore this reality is what has brought a sexual and emotional crisis in the 21st century: sexual unsatisfied.

We were created to be caressed. This phrase shakes many minds but it’s true, the greatest emotional damage that someone can experience in your life is NOT being caressed. Everything was designed for a specific purpose, including our skin. Our skin was designed to be touched, that’s why we like it so and it feels so good. Adam and Eve were created naked, with all bare skin and ready to be caressed. One of the biggest taboos that there is to see our body as a machine of desire that must be repressed and controlled and that is very far from the truth. We need to be caressed and should we caress, the lack of this reality is precisely has formed an humanity empty, depressed and unloved because the caresses are an essential nutrient in our emotional and sexual areas. When they “change” our caresses by blows, indifference or rejection, are murdering our ability to Love.

The caresses are one of the strongest expressions of genuine love and total pleasure. Our mouth can say “I love you”, but a hug, a touch with our hands or a kiss can prove the truth of that “I love you”. A caress, half may be genuine and from a sincere heart, can cause and maintain a healthy heart and ready to love and be Loved and fully active body for sexuality. That is the reason why physical abuse affects so radically our lives: our skin was not designed to be mistreated but to be caressed.

Until a human being uses his whole body reaches sexual and emotional true potential with which it was designed. The mass media knows this reality and use it to their advantage, if it is true that the human being likes a lot feel pleasure, emotions and excitement, it is also true that this reality actually comes from another even much deeper: the human maintains a deficit in sexual area, in other words lives sexually unsatisfied. This truth can be seen easily: many unfaithful couples, many husbands with lovers, so hungry for pornography, the highest rating in TV shows that promote sex and a generation thirsty of masturbating, so marriages masturbate each alone, because they are dissatisfied: the human being needs satiate your sexual appetite and still NO can achieve it.

Fits then the big question: masturbation is actually the ideal method to achieve maximum pleasure?

2. Genital caresses

Our genitals are NOT sufficient to give us the pleasure we need, is vital caress our whole body to quench our sexual desire. There is currently an “cult” of our genitals, vagina of the woman is shown with complete morbid, like some kind of sex machine and the only way to experience pleasure, and that is totally false. The whole body of the woman NEEDS to be caressed, that’s one of the biggest problems in a couple, have bought into the pornographic lie that only penetrating the vagina is enough for the woman to achieve emotional and sexual satiety and that lie has hurt and separate millions of couples around the world. Women and men unsatisfied is the balance of focusing exclusively on the genitals …really you think that wasted your entire body can even touch the hyper pleasure?

Pleasure is not bad while come of something GOOD. When that pleasure comes from the Divine Original design, this pleasure is not only GOOD, but is able to reach the fullness of the concept of Placer. Because meditate on something: who know better about how to achieve true pleasure and ecstasy: the Creator, or who uses the created? Designer or which uses the design? is obvious that if we go to seek sexual answers we must go to the sex Designer: GOD.

masturbacion3. Solitary sex

The caresses were created as a way to transmit LOVE between humans. Our skin is designed to receive caresses of another person NOT own. So masturbation is totally and radically OPPOSITE to God: focuses on the sexual morbid and pleasure, taking away the LOVE of the equation and also is a contempt to Divine Design for caresses, because these were designed by God to Loving the neighbor and our Ideal couple and not just for we can egocentrically give ourselves pleasure. The masturbation curses our life, and eliminates the genuine LOVE our heart, because it is the re-design of the devil to the caresses. The masturbation away us from true pleasure and destroys our emotional area and is a powerful destructor couples in the 21st century. That’s why the sex without caresses is a total blasphemy to God and a full damage to our emotional, sexual and spiritual Life. It is incredible that exist married couples sadness because to them it is almost impossible caressing each other, because living all their life masturbated and now only achieve excite in “solitary mode”, simply can not be excited by the caresses of another, ruined your sex life as a couple . The masturbation curses our life, and eliminates the genuine LOVE our heart, because it is the re-design of the devil to the caresses.

Many use masturbation as a “way out” to their depression, loneliness, nervousness or fear, but this way of escape is false, because it never “escape” truly from your situation, on the contrary just keeps getting worse. Sexual desire is bad? NO. God in His extreme kindness made that we liked, the dilemma is that the concept of pleasure was designed to have it in couple and not on “solitary”. God wants you have a life full of pleasure and sex, so He design someone specific for you to have pleasure and sex with her, the problem is not about feeling pleasure or not, the point is about doing with you ideal couple, in the perfect time and under the cover of marriage, and NOT in “solitary mode”. When we masturbate we are rejecting God’s gift: your ideal couple, the access to hyper pleasure, and wasting the opportunity to give life. YES, in each masturbation we “assassinate” a future baby. Both men and women. How to be blessed with a lifetime of enjoyment out of God? how to be full being murderers? How to be happy and successful away of our ideal couple and living in a manner contrary to the Divine Plan about emotional and sexual pleasure?

Use pornographic videos, dildos or pornographic magazines to reach the “climax” only harm your sexual future, as your body accustomed to “additional support” not reach the unprecedented pleasure that only a ideal couple relationship could reach under the cover of God.

4. Hyper pleasure

God’s Design of penile-vaginal, gives you access to hyper pleasure, the level at which it is impossible to enter by other means such as masturbation, gay sex or using sex toys. The Hyper Pleasure is a level of ecstasy, Jesus loves you and longs to enjoy that level. Until we get access to that level designed by God, we will be completely satisfied and free. The Hyper Pleasure is the only level that quench our life 100%. 

The desire of God is to have a complete pleasant life, that your body and your own soul is be completely satiate and you not need lovers, kamasutra or masturbation hidden from your couple, so He gave you a body able to enjoy the hyper pleasure, therefore not waste yourself masturbating or watching porn, you are MUCH more than the bad half pleasure that the devil offers you, and that alone gives him to access and destroy your life. Increase your time in the Presence of God, Pray, because only talking with Jesus can restore your sexual and emotional life, meet your ideal couple and reach the Hyper Placer.

Because masturbation is so bad?

1. Because it seeks to eliminate any possibility for you to meet your ideal couple.
2. Because assassin your emotional area by putting the Pleasure above Love.
3. Because assassin your ability to experience the Hyper pleasure that only the coverage from God can give you.
4. Because it is a destroyer of your sex, emotional and spiritual Life.
5. Because it’s a demon door.

“Dear Heavenly Father, I truly thank you that have opened my eyes to this reality that was heavily damaging my life, today, I ask You for keep me away from all pornography and masturbation, and make me completely yours, please Jesus receive my life today, I recognize you as my Savior and surrender my sexual life completely to You. I invite you to my life Beautiful Holy Spirit, give me the power and Love to be Free. I promise to talk daily with You Precious Holy, Spirit, Amen. “

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One thought on “Everything you need to know about this hidden pleasure called ‘masturbation’.

  1. Generation for GOD I want 2 tank U̶̲̥̅̊ so much 4 dis exposure of one of the devices of the devil.dis is exactly wat is happening 2 ♏ε̲̣̣̣̥. Hav bn masturbating now over 15 yrs I hav prayed 2 stop it but wen ever I see anytin wit porn picture d spirit J̶̲̥̅̊u̶̲̥̅̊ƨ̣̣̣̇̇̇̇τ̣̣̥ comes on ♏ε̲̣̣̣̥ and I can’t love 4 girl 4 long because anytime I do I will just hate ♏v̶̲̥̅ spouse 4 N̶̲̥̅̊Õ̳͡ reason. And also its a door 2 ancestral spirit of poverty and demonic manipulation cos anytime I do it d spirit of backwordness will manifest. please I need ♈ōU̶̲̥̅̊я̩̥̊ help in prayers and ideals 2 help ♏ε̲̣̣̣̥ fight it please am beging U̶̲̥̅̊ 2 help ♏ε̲̣̣̣̥ am tired. GOD BLESS YOU. NAT OLIVA. From nigeria!!!


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