Divine Prophecy 2014


2013 and 2014. Every year God speaks prophetically to His people in order to Prepare and bless him. The 2013 was prophesied with incredible phrases, including: “Severe and great scarcity in all nations”,”new laws that never heard before will be set by decree” and” Strong winds, storms continued scourged the earth” and its fulfillment was evident . The prophetic words came alive. God showed once again that uses humble servants to convey His truth to His people.

The truth for 2014 is already said, your senses will be ready to assimilate?

Divine Prophecy for YOU

“Miracles in broad daylight. Live international news will record amazing things that will challenge their unbelief. Parking lots, shopping malls, gyms, hospitals, the streets will witness the love and power of God because Miracles unannounced will be displayed in the full light of day, says the Lord. Miracles never before heard it read in social networks and news will be momentary front of unbelievers all. Teasing, wonder and new believers before the manifestation of My Love, saith the Lord of Hosts.

Unexpected miracles. Awesome things happen outside the churches, the Miracles now occur outside the walls, I will show my love to the world. My Grace be overflowing, and My People scared tell to the four winds: “how is possible that this so wonderful has happened? do not understand!”; My People confirmed My Love on them and enjoy unexpected miracles around them in their offices, in their businesses, in their cars, in their homes, in their travels, in their schools, I Jehovah affirm it, the day is when all My People will see My Glory, I myself doing my work without human intervention to the delight of My People and everlasting contempt of all unbelievers. Will be lighted the eyes from all My holy people, because everyone will see all my glory. I your God have spoken.

Answers, Open Doors, Business made, requests fulfilled, all that has been held will be released from the heavens, but not by human hands but by My Own Love for the humanity says the Lord of heaven and earth; Miracles meaningless occur in favor of the My People, things that nobody understood, without motive or reason to happen, but they say it “wonderful things” because it will Miracles to Favor of the Mine. Listen carefully because this will: I will show My glory before you, and many will be delighted with My Love for the Mine, I do supernatural things through My Spirit, My Spirit round the earth and show my love and supernatural power in full light of day. Depressive change into happiness, scarce into plentiful, sick into healthy, chained into free, all take place in an instant, without warning, I myself will do it for Love, My grace will be manifest for the glory of My Name, will return to speak of Miracles in the world, news, atheists and believers, united around of the miracles that I will, says the Almighty, Master of the universe, the Lord of Hosts.

Some of my people will be persecuted and ripped from the ground by hundreds, many of My people will be taken out of their resting places to be destroyed, evil groups shout of joy meanwhile my People is beset by Believe faithfully in Me, “massacres” say on the news, but it will not be for long time, because I will raise a Divine Group that stop all this, for the glory of My Name. Do not be afraid when you see this happen, because I announcement beforehand, says His Heavenly Father.

Cars with new features transiting in cities, new way of behaving along the avenues, new vehicle systems will be established. There will be changes in vehicles says the Almighty.

Signs in outer space. The sky continue claiming that a new time has come for humanity and show changes in its presentation. News about space return human eyes to the cosmos, some frightened, others with expectation but everyone thought again in the space, the space will change their appearance, things happen there and the cosmos show My Glory, this will be a sign that I am the Lord of the earth, the sky and the cosmos declares the Almighty. The space clamored changes, things happen that show the truth written and to be a witness to My people that has turned away from Me. Signals in space and in heaven occur, news of mouth to mouth, alarm screams, shouts of joy, the world turn around their eyes to the occult, to which even unknown, to which I have created off the planet, never be the same again the cosmos, says the Lord.


Manifestations, mobs joined his voice to speak in unison. Strikes, mutinous people ahead of governments. Concentrations of people gathered for one purpose, some to reject others for support. I will allow people to come together to devise plans and cause changes in society as a whole, some with good faith, others with vested interests, says the Lord of hosts.

Worship. People who I have set before My People spoke again of Me, his preaching changed and now will focus on Me, the Adoration will be part of My Church and I will put in the hearts of Mine the looking for Me as before, many return to My feet and there I prepare them for what is coming, a seed of a culture of worship will be initiated in this period, it will talk about Worship in My People, says the all-loving Lord of hosts.

European nations will be restored as a sample of my Love to them. Those that the world saying will continue in failure, continue a period more, poor and powerless” will be the nations that I will raise to glory of My Name. Nations will be restored in this period says the Almighty, but will not by human decisions and actions, but will be by my own Hand, My Grace be shown to the European nations, and those nations with joy change their words and do not speak or write of crisis but of hope, but not all will be, said with Love Your Heavenly Father.

Increased Believers, increase of people Faithful to My Name in unfamiliar cities, in places where my name was scarce, now began to scream without fear. Groups that will be treated as rebels, but will be Faithful to My Peace and My Love; Many will come to Me in this period, My glory will be shown in salvations that increased to My People on earth and I will receive with Love. Some cities say “religious increased in our city” says the Almighty.

I’ll talk a lot in this period through night dreams. The night will be the scene of my word for the Mine, My People divulges answers through Dreams and happy shout “The Lord has spoken.” Incredulous dreamed things about heaven and of My presence, increase by thousands the people who receive confirmations, miracles and answers through dreams that I send to them with Love, the nights were transformed to many in the time of my answers about their lives and many to ask “what means that dream I had last night?” And shall find answer from Me. Young and old men shall dream that reveal destinations, change that will guide decisions and nations, presidents dreamed dreams and take new decisions , says the Almighty.

Increase the soothsayers and tarot readers in this period, and shall deceive thousands. Many seek answers on what they do not understand but in the end find their mistake. I will allow divination, witchcraft and tarot increase dramatically over the earth in this period, says the Almighty Jehovah of Hosts.

This period will mark a new beginning on earth, from this date everything changed, what was normally stay in forgetfulness and peoples live new situations, I have established a new time, which is already written, so to speak in my Book of Life has begun, says the Lord.”

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One thought on “Divine Prophecy 2014

  1. Thanks for sharing these prophecy. I am moved by your ministry because that is my hearts desire to reach the lost. I pray that God will help the church and myself to find ways to connect with unbelievers in the real world. www,stevemwoods.com


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