3 Things that nobody dares to say about marijuana

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I discovered three things about marijuana, you still do not know:

1. God created marijuana

The creator of all that exists is God. This fact allows us to define the true standard for use and consumption of marijuana. Everything that God created has a purpose, the problem is not the things, but how we use them; marijuana and anal sex are clear examples of this. God designs a anus for dispose the food from our body and the human being intended use it for have sex unclean, just about marijuana, God created it to be used in the manufacture of textiles, paper and the oil from its seeds can be used as fuel, and the human being intended to use it to pollute and destroy their intelligence, mind, body, heart and future.

Marijuana to be able to use must first be boiled and boiled water never should be eaten, why? it contains poison. God wisely teaches us that the purpose of the marijuana was never to be consumed as a drug. When we use things for what they were designed, we can enjoy their full potential, and the best: move forward as a human race, because while we use things for foolishness and stupid things, we are throwing away our progress, evolution and future as humanity.

2. Marijuana is like black magic

It’s amazing that the obvious is precisely what not be spoken. Smoking marijuana produces an effect of joy, laughter, strength, peace, ecstasy, freedom, creativity, friendship, excitement and sense of well being … but false.

If smoking marijuana produce me GENUINE joy and peace would be something amazing, but the dilemma is that whatever causes me is false, an illusion, it’s just a momentary altered state of my emotions and as such disappears, a state that I called “black magic”, because every magic trick is just that: a trick, a deception, a lie, no matter how well designed and made be ​​the magic trick, still is just a gimmick, a fake, an illusion; you are happy while consume it, otherwise you are empty again, without real happiness, and without Love; is just a teather of your life, an exciting movie that it ends, a moment of falsehood in your chaotic life, I have made ​​a firm decision of not accept absolutely NOTHING false in my life, I just want things genuine, sincere and true. Which pissed me off more was the knowledge that to have another moment of joy, dreams and imaginary friends, I need consume it … I could not do anything for myself. Happiness seemed to depend from her, and not from me.

Besides give you negative consequences like the same black magic, no matter if you only smoke a marijuana joint in your life or are consuming right now, the end of marijuana is black: curse and destruction of your future. Marijuana destroys your body, health, heart and mind, therefore your level of wisdom and understanding, as well your level of love and peace are reduced until be eliminated.

If something hurts you, is good?
If something kills our future, is good?
If something kills, is good?
Nothing that destroys can be good, as easy as that.

3. The joy of my party and the destruction of my future.

The manipulation from all those who yearn to consume and therefore buy drugs, comes to extreme, they sold me perfectly good the misconception: “marijuana is not as strong as other drugs, and if you only occasionally consume no pass anything, is the same as if you will smoke a cigarette or drank booze… anyway all famous actors and artists do too, this is the most IN (current)” to my 15 years to hear that it was liberating, it was as if I had the “perfect excuse” to do, even when my parents were against; I wanted desperately to be “current, cool, free and happy”.  I remember my first contact with her. The party was very bored and a friend pulled from his pocket, assuring that make us happiest . Was like a burst of euphoria and adrenaline ran my senses, not even two hours passed that I longed more. I must confess that was unforgettable. First total euphoria, followed by insane laughter to finish in the most complete anxiety, the “journey” was sometimes funny, other tremendously horrible, sometimes filled me with dreams, sometimes of nightmares; boundless energy first, followed by vomiting without limits … a emotional rollercoaster. She leave me in bankrupt. No, the problem was not the money, anyway there “variants” much more economical than the “original”, she left me broken myself as a human being. But it was not long before I discovered a hidden truth.

My friend forgot to tell me something: I do not want to depend of anything or anyone, but I realized it did not make me free, but his slave. I NEED her for live. The thought repulsed me. Where were the promises of my friend that smoke it will make me free? Where to stay the idea that would fill me with happiness and fun? Euphoria were true … for ten minutes, because the fun and dreams were just part of a disturbed imagination, an imagination that gave me a false momentary happiness. The word “false” bother me too much, I hated the idea of being deceived or controlled, as a teenager I wanted to be free, I thought she would fulfill that desire, that wonderful desire for freedom, love and happiness … but I must confess now that was not so in the most minimum. She charges you very expensive, give you five minutes of false joy and requires you to change the control of your life. Destroy your intelligence and self-control. Puts your emotions in a total lack of control. But worst of all is that of your own future also takes control. When you open the door the first time, she does not leave when you cease to inhale it, no, she comes to live with you. It seems as if the smoke that you inhale from her be adhere to your own skin. Your body becomes her room, there dwells, spends 24 hours a day introduce you cold sweat messages, nervous disorder and fear, whispering when met again. Build your own home within you. ‘ll say with absolute rage that gram cursed my life, this inhalation led me to try other “types of grams”: cocaine, ecstasy, synthetic… nothing satisfied my heart!

The time came in my life when I could not spend more than a few hours without seeing her again, it was a necessity that consumed me live, a snare that seared my senses and took me captive to its mouth, the same odor was necessary for me, was an addict, a junkie. I knew the exchange sites, and in what places look, depending on my “mood”. Marijuana? Cocaine? Ecstasy? I knew the repertoire. I spent entire nights waiting for my family go to sleep in order to start my delight, she was my reason for living, it’s amazing what an encounter with a drug can do into your brain. My best friend was killed by marijuana … no, it was not an overdose, was pure one, but that smoked gave my friend the courage to speak to the girl of his dreams, she rejection to him and in his hallucination, he wanted to fulfill a fantasy porn and rape her, people found out, the police came, and he died while trying to escape. His mind collapse and he saw not the reality around him while he ran; the opinion from doctor was “a cardiac attack produce from drug product”. Someone will say now “this was a single isolated case …”, you’re wrong, millions of these “isolated cases” occur daily in the world … and my dead friend testifies that.

It’s amazing that even keep saying the same thing, even when millions of deaths occur every year due to alcoholism, and now seek to legalize marijuana with the stupid argument that is equal to the liquor? That means that marijuana to kill the same number of people that this vice? Tell that to the people who lost his wife, his girlfriend, his dad … for liquor, will be the same that will have to tell those who lost someone due to marijuana. I’m telling you: is NOT by fanaticism, not because I have read in an old book, or for trying to look “current”, but I tell you from experience myself: a single puff of marijuana is the way to your own death, the death of your dreams, your goals, your life … and your future.

You really prefer to pay for a bit of false happiness, to live a life free full of Happiness? That was the question that struck my life and made ​​me think seriously about my future. In that moment I realized the cruel deception that had gotten me: The marijuana glad my temporary party while destroying my life, drugs made ​​me laugh while destroying my future. The point was in my future. I really wanted to destroy any possibility of a good future for me? I understand the need to be happy today, but I was not enough stupid for give to marijuana my future.

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Two years ago I am truly free. ‘m not talking of the false freedom that you pretend in front of friends, but in the solitude of your room is lacking; I speak of true freedom, from not be a slave to anything. Marijuana is as your worst enemy: she hugs you while you give her that she want, but really does not care about you in the slightest. The good news is that YES there genuine happiness, that you do not need drugs or a party for feel it, that happiness does not depend from money and sex, that happiness that lasts a lifetime. You will not find it in drugs, sex, money or alcohol, the source of true happiness is JESUS. He Loves you just as you are, and contrary to drug, this happiness is free.

I know what marijuana does to the human mind because I started smoking it when I was 15. Literally snatched the motivation to participate in my own life. I thought it was perfectly fine to sit all day eating cookies and watching television, taking drugs with my friends. But to make something with my life? All that would do later, when pass the effects of marijuana. But then, smoked more and thought, “For what…?” Finally, I started using heroin. Although only have marijuana in your repertoire of illicit drugs, never have positive results. Never. The drug promises you freedom, fun and life, but its end is slavery, pain and death. The greatest errors of mankind are: weapons, religions and drugs.

Neither crack, cocaine, marijuana, or any drug, the only One that quench your life and fill the void in your heart is JESUS. Only the deep Love from God can heal the fear, pain, loneliness and scarcity, do not waste your life, money and time with drugs, and do not give more laps, go straight to the One who really cares about you and who gave His life so that you will enjoy yours, Jesus. Speak with Him and His Love will set you free.

So I end up with the same question that somebody did to me one day: you prefer false temporary joy that will destroy your future, or a life completely happy? Or what is the same, you prefer smoking marijuana or knowing to Jesus?

“Lord God Almighty, forgive me for damaging my body that is your temple, from now will change everything vice, to be with you and be satiated with your Presence, please save my soul from hell, I recognize myself sinner and in need of You, receive my life beloved Jesus and please, do me Free and save me from eternal death. Thank you from the depths of my heart for listening and die in my place on the cross, I pledge from now to talk to you daily, Precious Holy Spirit, Amen. “

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