How to choose a couple without suffering in the process.


Is not Antoninus right for you is Esteban …” 

The words had been very clear and concise.
The words had changed doubts into smiles. 
There is not confused. 
There is not way that she could sink. 
Anyone who had heard would had breathed an air of tranquility. 
Anyone who had heard would had smiled freely. 
But not her.

Its interior was restless, insecure, doubting it all.
Their interior was filled with something mysterious and dark as mud.
Would it be so hard to trust?
Would it be so hard to be guided?
if it were someone else is would understand her indecision,
if it were someone else is would understand her confusion.
But it was He.
He never wrong.
He never lie or is disrupted.
But she seemed to ignore that reality.
But she seemed to despise the truth.
“I need a confirmation.”
“I need to have it that my hearth desires.”
She cried out at the sky totally out of control.
She cried at the sky with complete despair.
Even knowing the abyss where she was.
Even knowing who  was speaking to her.
Folly? Fear the Future?
Lack of Faith? Rebellion nonsense?
Seemed possessed by something stronger than her.
Seemed possessed by a being who ruled over her.
Had fallen into the trap that kills the conscience.

Had fallen into the trap of self-sufficiency.

But the love of He be greatest that all together.
But the Love of He exceeded any hidden spirit. 
“Is not Antoninus, the right for you is Esteban …” -. repeated softly 
But she obvious the words 
But she pretended not listening.
“He help me because He love me … ” 
“He help me because He have the power to unite souls.” 
“I’ll show that I can do for myself.” 
“I’ll show that  i have beauty and charisma.”
Smiling with elegance is proposed to fulfill their cherished desires. 
Smiling with elegance sought to set fire on water as Elisha. 
She choose the wrong man. 
She choose her own desires above what was right. 
Figth against the establishment. 
Figth in favor of what she had decided. 
Figth to tears without getting what wanted.
Now she weeps bitterly. 
Now she screaming with rage that pervades the atmosphere. 
Now put the blame of all on who longed only care for your heart, body and mind.

“Why are you allowed such a thing?” 
“Because it allows them to use me like anything?” 
“Why are you with me? 
“Why the cruelty of this harsh punishment?” 
“Is this your great love?” 
“Is this a great protection?
Then it happened.

“Why do desobey me?”
“Did not answer the question you asked me?”
“Was it difficult to accomplish what you hear from my lips.?
“Do not happen exactly what you ask me?”
“Let me do it myself.” You said.
“You put your own desires above all that exists.”
“And now enjoy the rewards of everything you wanted. “
The words shook completely her soul.
The words confronted her apparent calm.
In an instant she realized what happened.
In an instant it all have sense.
Bend knees and asked for forgiveness.
Bend knees and surrendered his heart again.
Now obey with passion.
Now enjoy the full blessing.
Now obey faithfully to God.
Now already know to who say “welcome”, and who say “goodbye”.
She discover the key of the life.
She discover that it disobeyed to God is a total suicidal act.


If I knew exactly what I will fail in the future if I take certain decision, be stupid and foolishness choose that decision, it would be an suicide for my success. If I knew exactly what I will have emotional success in the future if I choose a certain person, it would be stupid and foolish not to choose that person, it would be an suicide for my emotional success. If I knew exactly what business will succeed, that decision will achieve my most intimate desires, and that way to avoid an assault, be really stupid to not lead my life based on what I already know will bring me blessing. That is precisely what God offers us, showing us our future, guide without mistakes, avoiding pain and waste of time. God knows the desires of your heart so deeply that knows what really satisfy every area of your life. This fact allows us to rest in His love and freely allow that He guided our lives.

Self-sufficiency and disobedience are true suicidal acts that take us away from our blessing and success in life. Obeying to God we literally opens the doors of success and rest, because it prevents we fail again and again meaningless and because it removes the burden and fear of making wrong decisions. A wise decision can take you from prison to the throne, from slavery to freedom, from scarcity to abundance and from disease to health. The success of Moses, Paul, Jose, or JesusChrist, was the same. They obeyed to God. There proofs that God allows to build character, but others are just the consequence of our bad decisions. A lot crises are the result of disobedience, God always answers, but we do not always obey Him. Obey is the key to move fast and painless on the way to our beautiful and powerful purpose in life.



James 2:23 – ” And the scripture was fulfilled which saith, Abraham believed God and it was counted for righteousness: and he was called the friend of God “ 

The hard part is not listening to God, but to obey. ‘ve learned that there is a time in our life where God leads us in a more “intense” way, a period in which God tests our fidelity giving odd jobs to make , tasks as simple as I wake up at 3 am and He said me: ” Come, let’s talk now … “ or as complex as ” would design a website on the platform “SnackT”, will be blue and orange, invests advertising in this place, you will use 100 dollars a day and will not modify this value, and never you publisher this project on tumblr.” Just like that, God speaks and we must obey, and although at first not understand anything, then I thanking with tears in my eyes, the glorious result of believing. God spoke to you whatever, whenever and wherever, why? because there is a period of intense blessing on your life that is released by obey every strange Divine order. It is a avalanche of blessing.


Disciples also faced this period “… go to that city, and in the first house you will find a colt tied, untie it and bring me …”, “go fishing and the first fish that serves have a coin in your mouth, use it to pay our taxes …” wow, that if it was weird but provoking intense blessing. “I want that you to take Isaac, your beloved and only son and go to the mountains that I will tell you later, to offer him in sacrifice … “ Abraham obeyed God, even when not quite understand anything or see any purpose in such divine order, and therefore received intense blessing on his life that no other human being has received, and most extraordinary: it was called FRIEND OF GOD . That’s the key to everything. The obedience to God makes us to get to form a relationship with Him of FRIENDSHIP , and bless us intensely, step without further pain or failures that make us waste time and resources. Choose partner is NOT about of “success”, charisma or emotional suffering thousands of times, is about asking God and obey Him. Disobedience is a suicidal act but the obedience is the gateway to the level of FRIENDS OF GOD.

Do not commit fornication, do not support homosexuality, abortion nor marijuana, Forgive all offenses and not pretend that your ideal couple is an unbeliever. Obey His written Word and the next time that God guided you to do something illogical and strange, fulfill it without fear, because it just means that your period of intense blessing and friendship with the Creator, is close to start. And remember, now you know, how choosing a couple without suffering in the process.

“God forgive me for disobeying you and waste the intense blessings that you have for my life, today I promise You to ask my questions and wait Your wise and perfect answer, longing to be blessed, today I receive Jesus as my only Savior and complete Owner of my existence, promise daily talk with You Precious Holy Spirit, I know that you have answers for my life. Amen “

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