God is NOT dead.


What so far would you go to defend your faith? Our testimony is key to the transformation of the world, it is time to leave behind the fear, laziness and indecision that has killed millions of lives in hell, and yell with faith that God is ALIVE. Your university, your family, your spouse, your community, your church, your contacts on social networks, your office, your company needs the truth … the truth that God is alive, who is worthy of worship and makes Miracles in the 21st century. What so willing you are to love God above all things? Yell with me today: “God is NOT dead!”

“Almighty God forgive me for not standing strongly my relationship with you before the world, today I promise to be light in the darkness, speak without fear of your Power and Love in front of my family, society and the world. Today I reaffirm my opposition to marijuana, abortion, homosexuality and pornography, because I know I threaten my relationship with you and your Holiness. I receive with all my heart to Jesus as my only Savior and Owner of and from this day speak daily with Precious Holy Spirit to be filled with Your power and wisdom, Amen. “

Keep reading: Website of the movie, Divine Prophecy 2014 and Tithes & Offerings.




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