Spiritual Weapons


My Miracle Creative

There are levels of Miracles. There are situations that need to do something more than “wait”; need a PLUS. The source of all miracles is God. Between more you know Him personally, more Supernatural will be your daily life. If you take a long time “waiting” for a miracle, it’s time to spend more time with God, it’s time to know Jesus intimately, it’s time for a PLUS.

It’s time to provoke creative Miracles. This section will show you, that it is each spiritual weapons and how to use effectively, and with power.


1. What is Fasting? It is a sacrifice of love for God. Consists of abstaining from food or something that we really like to replace it with search of God.

2. How use this spiritual weapon? Refrain from eating or drinking or something you like a LOT for a predefined time (6, 12, 24, 48 or 168 hours) and replace it with Bible, Worship and Prayer.

3. Key spiritual: Fasting is not about “not eating” is about what you do instead of not eating. Search of God, not angry and sanctification are VITAL.


1. What is Prayer? Is the channel of blessing between the throne of God and us. It is the way in which God speaks to us and gives us the power to overcome.

2. How use this spiritual weapon? Forget that of talk, talk and keep talking. We recommend this order:

1. Worship Him. Worship is “fall in love” to God. Is about to remind Him how wonderful He is. Express to Him how important is He for you.

2. GIVE THANKS. Give Thanks. Truly if you do not need to find food in a garbage, you’re not lying in a hospital bed a few hours to die and you have a roof over your head … you have much to thank.

3. Ask him. Being in front of the Lord of all things and not asking is a waste. God loves you ask, is the way of saying “Father I depend of You for everything.”

4. SHUT UP. Prayer is not just for you talk to Him, but also that He talk to you. There is time to talk and time to be silent. Shut up and LISTEN.


1. That means worship to God? Fall in love of you. When you pray, you ask for. When you you worship, you give. In the Worship is He who receives our attention, love and words of exaltation for a moment forget about yourself and concentrate on worshiping Him. Jesus loves to be adored, it makes him happy, you put a smile on his face. When you worship, His presence is there and where he is every sickness, crisis, problem, loneliness and shortage DISAPPEAR.

2. How do I use this spiritual weapon? There are three ways:

1. Worship with music, singing passionately to him (Marcos Witt, Jesus Adrian Romero or Renan Carias are excellent choices)

2. Extending your hands to heaven and saying, how Great and Almighty is He.

3. With your knees bent and your forehead on the floor. In total attitude of adoration and submission to Him.

3. Key Spiritual: Care for two things: your attitude. A right attitude is key in Worship; lowly recognize that He is your God, your EVERYTHING. And second, your words. NO repeat over and over again the same words, looking for new words what fall in love to Jesus about you.

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