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Social Combat?

Wikipedia explains: Bullying is any form of psychological abuse, verbal or physical occurred between schoolchildren repeatedly over a given time.

The sociologist Robert Faris calls it “social combat”. He says that most of the stalking occurs in the middle of the social hierarchy of the school, where students wrestle each other to achieve a higher status.


Think of it as a big game of “King of the Hill”. Each child struggle to reach the top, without fear of stepping on others to get there. The closer you are to be king, competition between rivals becomes more violent. Everything is a matter of pride, the same pride that causes endless wars in the Middle East and North Korea, the same ego that makes thousands not forgive others their mistakes and cause envy and jealousy is the same pride and ego by the which exists in the 21st century Bullying in our schools. Bullying works, “says Faris. “When children disturb other children, their social status is lifted and it is gratifying for your own EGO”.


What to do if I suffer from Bullying?

1. The reason why bother you so much is precisely because they know that hurts you, if you show that you do not care and continue with your normal life and smiling, they stop bothering you. If every time that bother you, you just shut up and smile at them, stop bothering, because reason why bother you is because it makes them feel superior to you hurting you, but if you show them that you’re superior to their taunts, you win. With that bothers, we must be smart, because if we follow the game to them, they will continue bothering us. So do not let it bother you, Just smile and take a deep breath, I guarantee that you will be victorios or in less than a month.

2. NO walk alone, do not eat alone, do not round alone, join with a group of people who support you, that speak you positive and good things; 100% sure that there are people who care about you in your studies center, take the initiative and speak unto them, form friendships, with two people who are on your side, you can walk safer and have allies in your tactic of silence and smiles against your aggressors; remember that they attack people who walk lonely, if forms a big group they keep away from you. Remember that you are NOT the only one who is being bothered, so why not look to others who like you are suffering and join to them? Unity means strength.

3. No shut up, but be wise. DO NOT talk to you professor, or more students of what is happening … speaks directly to the authorities and your parents, talk to them as often as necessary, do not be afraid, do not be ashamed to speak it, because you are very valuable to God. The authorities and your parents should handle the situation very wisely and NOT just “call your attention” for a while and then forget about it, on the contrary, must work together to find ways to solve the problem radically.

4. And last but not least, the solution you are looking not be in motivational curses, self-esteem or your own strength, the solution is in JESUS​​. Only He can heal your heart and transform those who hurt you. Every day, bend your knees and talk to Jesus. He loves deeply and take care of you, protect you and love you so much that you’ll feel confident, secure and happy every day of your life. Go to church, join with other young Christians read the Bible and fear not, God loves you and as you do, everything began to change in your life.

What to do if my child suffers bullying?


Support for you

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