3 stupidities that should avoid anyone who wants to be Prosperous.


“She had no way out, or selling her body to satisfy sexual desires which if it were a piece of meat in the middle of hungry wolves or agreed to very strange requests from this mysterious man. The woman tumbled down on the cold ground, his mind was bombarded by countless unanswered questions. What had happened? How could it fall to such a situation? now begging the which once assured her that she was entitled by inheritance to possess it; did not have any logic, Where were many promises? What else left to do? for a moment felt that was living in a nightmare, a cruel nightmare where the only end looked like a freezing death in the middle of nowhere.

The strange man looked peaceful, serene, as if expecting the cruel end of this poor woman … the waiting for the answer, it was as if I lived only to hear the answer to that question. The woman stared at him as if to discover the true intentions of this strange being who had suddenly burst into life as flurry of fire and that now intended to take, yes, take away the only thing left. His mind was swinging such as the sea wave and did not allow you to take clear decisions, remember the hard work, dedication, had given all it could, how could now dare to ask more? it was as if they wanted to make sure to snatch up the last breath of life was left; suddenly her eyes met the eyes of man, and an amazing peace filled her soul. She did not know exactly if it was the look of a man or that tiny flame of hope that makes you keep trying even though death ronde so close, but a trembling hand took the pot while she watched how if she wanted to take their memory to the grave. She had decided to believe; there was decided to give to this man all she had, the last thing that she had … everything she owned. A tiny pot filled with oil. It was a total act of FAITH. The man smiled and shouted “bring all the vases you can, look everywhere and put them in front of me!”

Then it happened. The immense vases were filled with oil from the tiny pot, one after another without ever stopping, the liquid seemed never finished, it was like a kind of black magic had possessed the tiny clay pot. Ten, hundred, thousand … all the vases were filled to the max. A voice flooded the room “bring more vases!” – “There are no more vases, are over.” Then the liquid in the pot stoped just as mysteriously as it had begun. The scene was worthy of being photographed and be part of the Guinness record; the gleaming vases appeared in front of this woman while trying to understand what had happened. How was it? What happened? Does the tiny pot would have magical powers? did not know exactly, but never in her life had he been so happy to have accepted the challenge to give it to the mysterious man; now understood why he was so admired and sought after by thousands of people, now seemed see with their own eyes that it was no coincidence that say him “Prophet.”

Go, sell all the precious liquid and pay everything you owe, cancel all debt, loan, credit, and old purchase you have pending, and you and your household live comfortably from money remaining.” Poor widow became a millionaire. The economic miracle had been accomplished. The prophet Elisha had proven that God will always keep His promise of abundant supply provision of His People. Everything we put into the Hands of God, prospered.2nd Kings 4: 1-7

King Midas Divine

The key to prosperity is simple and clear: to put our resources in the Hands of God. The economic disaster comes when we put our resources into other hands, because only the Hands of God have the power to multiply and prosper, nothing and no one else has that power. It is easy to see that reality in the 21st century: we turn away God from our schools and the result is murder, bullying and debauchery; we move away from God in our governments and the result is violence, evil and unable laws to heal our society; we move away from God in our economy and the result is global financial crisis; but if we give God our schools, government and economy all healed because God’s Hands turn everything they touch into gold.

We have 21 centuries pretending separate God of our economy and the result is obvious. We took God out of our schools, offices, universities and our businesses and companies, said because “God does not mix with money” and the result is catastrophic. WHERE IS NO GOD, ALL DIE. When we make God our only Provider, the prosperity ceases to be a theory to become a fact in our daily lives.

How trying to say “stay out of this area of ​​my life,” to the One who can bless everything we do? Prosperity is the result of allowing God bless with His love and power our financial area.

NO let drugs, pornography or material things, control your economy, because those hands only contaminate and wearing out your resources, better put your property in the Hands of God and everything you do will prosper. That what we spend our resources is what matters most to us, the most valuable for us and also represent “the hands” we trust our economy. Never ceases to surprise the love of God. Why being able have ordered us 90% of everything, God only required us the 10%? Give God 10% of our time, money and goods, causes will bless the remaining 90%. Such is the power of tithing. When you give your heart to God, He heals, protects and releases from the past; gives you a new heart. When you deliver your family to God, He healthy, protected and free from harm; gives you a renewed family. When you deliver the Tithe, He heals, protects and frees your economy. Hands of God prosper everything they touch.

✔ Any person, situation, or material that is placed in the hands of God is healed, transformed and made ​​Free.


The culprit for the crisis

The widow had only a pot of oil, but she had three options: to be atheist and say “what I have is mine and of nobody else” or being religious and say “God does not want that I suffer, it will use what I have to eat and live “, or trust that if God’s Hands touch that pot, would be enough to change their scarcity into abundance. If she had chosen the first two options, would have inevitably died that day. The real solution to crisis is NOT in the hands of any government leader, technology or religion; this in God’s hands.

✔ God is not who caused the crises, it is He who delivers us from them.

Crises are NOT a result of the will of God, they are the result of our separation from Him. Must come a time that we stop blaming others and start taking responsibility, that is the beginning of a real solution.; It is “our” crisis because it is “our” separation from God. God is NOT the culprit for our crisis, He longs to bless and prosper us, but we decided to give back and away Him from our economy, and we are experiencing the result of such erroneous decision. The culprit are NOT the governments, the poor, the rich, the religious, the atheists, the whites, blacks, Europeans, Latinos, the elderly, the young people, the illiterate, the college people… the culprit is called evil.

The devil has a single goal: keep you away from God, because he knows that If he succeeds you will live alone, poor, sick and go to hell. The devil has used three things to keep the world in short supply:

The 3 stupid things we must eliminate to be Prosperous.

DISBELIEF: When we believe that it IS possible a solution, we eliminate disbelief. Without faith is impossible to prosper, because prosperity is the reward of those who dare to believe God. In the same way that you be sure of your salvation and healing of your body, you must be sure of your prosperity; remember that EVERYTHING was paid by Jesus on the cross. Who asks, RECEIVED.

SELF SUFFICIENCY: When we stop trusting ourselves and in the money, and give our tithe trusting God’s love, we eliminate our self-sufficiency. More than 21 centuries show us that we can not manage our lives for ourselves; until we heal the heart of human beings, then disappear the wickedness, violence and sin; no matter how much technology put in the hands of a murderer, he will continue murdering until his heart been changed; and that healing only God gives it. Trust and absolute dependence on God results in absolute prosperity.

DISTANCING OF GOD: When we bend knees and pray, we remove our separation from God and return to live in paradise. The Prayer has no substitutes. We can have thousands of “new” religions, we can build churches and millions of scientific institutes, or increase the number of religious or atheists in the world; but none of that will heal our planet. Only a personal relationship with Jesus can restore Peace, Love and Wisdom in our beloved planet Earth, and that personal relationship with God requires unquestionably a life of Prayer.

✔ The three satanic hindrances should be removed from our lives, only then we will experience the “Midas touch” in our lives.

It is time to return to the hands of God. The time came to live with less fear and more faith. Less tears and more prayer. Less self-sufficiency and more dependence on God. Came the moment of deciding to put everything we have in God’s hands, because His hands are the only ones able to bless and prosper.

“Almighty and good God, thank you for reminding me of this fact, today I give you my economy, my business and my dreams and I surrender before you, will pray daily for my nation because only you can prosper us, and I will encourage my family, friends and contacts to ask you everything as our unique provider. Thank you Dear Jesus for dying on the cross in my place, to pay the price of our salvation, prosperity and health, today I recognize you as my only and sufficient Savior, I long to be born again. I promise to talk to you daily Precious Holy Spirit, I know you have the wisdom that I need for my life. Amen.”

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What happens when you follow your horoscope to the letter.


My horoscope was saying it would be a good day.
Whilst motivated me to do whatever it took to get what I wanted. 
I thought it was just an innocent game. 
Never considered it to be something indecent. 
I fell into the trap subtle and sweetly.
Without imagining that shatter my whole soul and my mind.

The atmosphere charged of marijuana, liquor and anxiety.
Did nothing more than intensify our misbehavior and wickedness.
For strange and unknown reasons, 
Only longed intensify our emotions. 
Drugs, lights and skulls were not enough. 
Seemed that special day had haunted our minds,
While a woman strangely made ​​its appearance, 
and offered us something fun to live more intensely. 
“Today is a day of vengeance, joy and evil said quietly,
so do something that satisfies our crazy mind.”

Any other day would have said no to such invitation. 
But that day had something that caught my heart. 
Something that became any day in a fucking curse.

Magic words, broken hearts and a little blood. 
Mixed with revenge, semen and a little vinegar. 
Seemed the perfect idea. The perfect revenge. 
Seemed that my girls game would have a sweet ending. 
I loved the idea of crossing the line between good and evil.

“demons” seemed to me a word for the mentally retarded. 
And “hell”: a fairy tale written for children of tender ages.
All that tell me against horoscope and tarot I tittle of “falsehoods.” 
No imagine that would become my worst realities.

Trust in me venerated TV.
She always told me it was something modern and full of fun. 
Crave satiate my morbid and curiosity. 
And also calming my desire for revenge and eliminate that “hindrance.” 
Ouija, tarot or have sex with “san simon.” 
Or cut a lock of his hair and put on a red pantys. 
I do whatever to achieve what my heart wanted.

Ten minutes are sufficed to open the door. 
Ten minutes were enough to ruin my life complete.
At one moment I enter into the unknown world. 
That world that offers you freedom, power and everything like that.
“Now you will be of satan” were her words. 
And I agrees with a laugh saying “abracadabra.” 
Anyway not believe in “imaginary characters.” 
Anyway I thought already lived the hell everyday of my calendar.

“The spell is ready” scream the woman. 
Without imagining what came ahead. 
Nightmares, fear and confusion.
Was the only balance that bad decision. 
Dark shadows devoured my night. 
While my mind was tormented day and night. 
Until then I understood with great delusion. 
That all that day had been a complete mistake. 
And for the first time in my life I understood the word “curse.”
My life was cursed. 
And I could not move or escape for more than trying. 
It had been seduced by those beings who always refuse from that existed. 
But now made ​​me have suicidal thoughts. 
And my life had become a brutal crap.

Now my body for drugs I sold. 
I confess consider death as my only way out. 
Take the knife with decision in my body sank down.
But something inside me was not dead yet. 
Reason? Hearth? Motivation? 
I do not know. All I know is that my life took a change of season. 
He ‘s appeared and completely transformed my heart.

“I need help “ was my cry of despair.
“I am with you now,” was his reply.
His voice comparison my reason.
And finally my lips parted to say a short prayer.
“Lord I was wrong. I need You. Please clean my heart. “

I thought my life would end that day. 
I remembered that she had said “this spell has no outlet.” 
Then I thought no one cared about my life.
But the truth is that there someone who showed me the way out. 
“I love you. I have a wonderful plan for you and I have prepared a way out.”
They were the beautiful words that changed my life completely. 
“Fear not. I am overcome to the evil. In My Name will cast out demons.”
Were the words that became in my testimony. 
Believe and with courage I talk.
And all the curse of my life was gone. 
The death was absorbed for the Life. 
Horoscope lie to me. I had an way out.
Now live confident and full of truth. 
Their Love was the “spell” that gave me Freedom. 
JESUS ​​was the name that brought me true Happiness.

Always yell three things about horoscope and tarot: 
“is a game”, “is just fun” and “is a total nonsense.”
But now I’ve completely changed my theory. 
Now my lips shout the truth that brings freedom to your life : 
The horoscope is not a “fun game”, is a demon door that kills faster than AIDS.
The tarot is dangerous and destroys your spirit, mind and heart.
JESUS ​​is the only name that gives liberation. 
and when you looking Him with humility, He fulfills the desires of your heart.


Three things still happen in the 21st century and still I do not understand:

1. How is it possible that people still come to violence rather than intelligence to solve problems?

2. How is it possible that we use scientific advances to make wickedness, instead of using it to advance as mankind? and

3. How is it possible that people still cursing their time at the horoscope and tarot?

7 gates through which satan enters your life: halloween, witchcraft, pornography, horror films, tarot, horoscope and idolatry. The contact we have with the negative spiritual world is very harmful. Not a “little” but a lot. NOT exist witchcraft “white”. Terror not “fun”, really curse you. The ouija, the horoscope, tarot, magic, idolatry, vampires, zombies, pornography and adivination are NOT “innocent and fun games”, are demonic doors. It is time for saying: Less horoscope and more Bible. Less witchcraft and more Prayer. Less horror movies and more Love movies. Less halloween and more GOD.

“Dear Heavenly Father, thank you wholeheartedly for get rid of these demonic doors that cursed my life, today I ask Forgiveness for having yielded to them and ask You that closures full of them of my life. Today I recognize Jesus as my Lord and Unique Savior, and I already know that you beat to the evil on the cross. Come into my life Precious Holy Spirit, you are more than welcome to Reign into my life, I promise you talk daily to transform me and make me Free, Amen. “

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“Let’s have sex” The woman´s voice sound really exciting, just like an erotic movie. This woman was very beautiful and offspring of royalty, this combination was incredibly tempting. This was not the first time she made this kind of proposal. The man was about to accept in this time, but something inside of him make him to reject it, despite his own desires. In this time he felt weakest than before, because of her sexy lingerie or because it has been a long time without having physical contact with someone, in this time his mind betrayed him revealing his desires in a strongest way than himself. “I should have done the covenant … O if I could do this, just one time”. Something inside of him was hardly shaken after this thought, like if his own soul confront him because of his thought. – “this is stronger than me… I don´t know what to do”-, whisperer the man while cold sweat rolling down his brow and hands, he never was as nervous as now because he never had this experience. She was the forbidden woman and he knew it. How could he betray his boss? If he gave him his confidence in all his business. – “How to betray his confidence?”- consider him while a force pushes him and said “Do it”.

It was a hard fight. He had faced terrible battles, bears, lions, wild beasts, his own family also was included in this battle´s memories. But nothing like this one. In this time wasn’t about wild beasts or humans. It was about a beast that can consume him, murder him. He knew his enemy’s strength. Remembered something that have confront him before: “If you win, you will become stronger and more valuable than one that conquer hundreds of cities.”- “Let’s have sex” said the woman again begging while she was taking his clothes away, accelerating the end she wanted months ago. Now or never. The man knew it was a hard decision. He must take a decision. In one hand years working, confidence, dreams, his own destiny in the Kingdom and inside the palace, and the faith covenant that would drive him through the promised success. In the other hand, self-satisfaction, in just five minute he can decide his future. Just one minute of pleasure or wait for his true love, this was the decision. Suddenly happened. A minute of lucidity came in to his mind. What happened? How he did it? He didn´t know, but now he knew exactly what to do, the right choice. His last alternative. The man free himself from the woman´s hand- “I must run!” he said to himself while he was getting back the control of his emotions.- “I won´t do it” – the man´s clothes get down the floor, but know it doesn´t matter, he had taken the decision. His feet rapidly get him out of this room.

Naked with an unbroken moral. With a clean heart beating. Nervous but happy. A smile appeared in his face while this strong temptation go away. He had faced the biggest opponent: erotic desire. He defeated the beast, he had righted with himself and won. He was a champion. A kind of VIP men.

A few days after Joshep was in his throne receiving the Crown of Egypt. He knew he was worthy or it. Choose Love before sex. He could win to himself. (Gen. 39:2-12)

Eroticism, feelings or Love?

There are three kind of love: Eros Love, it is all about sex, erotic, passion, and the physical. Fileos Love, it is fraternal love, the romanticism, full of novels and all the feelings. And Agape Love, it is the true love, perfect, the purest expression of love, solid, decisive and explosive. A love that gives all. Sentimental Love: Fileos.

Sentimental Love:  Fileos

Jeremiah 17: 9 “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?”

Think about this: how long do you feel the same feeling? Feelings are a daily thing. There is not a single day that you don´t feel something: Joy, sadness, anger, peace, cry and many others. One day we feel we can walk upon the waters and in the other day we are so broken that can´t even walk. One day happy, the other worried. That is why God encourages us to not let our moody, sentimental and deceitful heart lead us. It doesn´t mean “stop feeling” but wisely manage what we feel. Many just “feel” love, but never have taken the true decision to Love.

Based love in something extremely changing like feelings would make the relationships like changing. One day it would be perfect, the other day would be a mess. Love is MUCH more than a simple feeling. Feelings are treacherous, How many have said: How many of have said “I think I´m getting in love with you…” and one month later they are getting “in love” with someone else. We can´t keep alive love just with feelings, but with actions, it´s what we do in the name of love. That is why there are many homes full of romance but in lack of wisely decisions to manage what they earn, take decisions about their future, to have the courage and know what to do when there is a lack of money, liabilities. Couples get divided, because base all the relationship in feelings. And when they stop feeling throw everything in to the garbage without care anything else. A couple must FIGHT TOGETHER for their dreams. Not throw them in to the garbage and take it again every time they “feel it in their hearts” do so.

Jesus didn´t love you because of his feelings. He took the solid decision to love you whatever happens. This is Love.

Erotic Love: Eros

Genesis 39:12 “She caught him by his cloak and said, “Come to bed with me!” But he left his cloak in her hand and ran out of the house.”

The eroticism don´t neither cause nor keep the love alive. When Love is replaced by eroticism everything is going to breakdown, because any passion is capable to keep a relationship alive. Have you noticed? It seems like many person don´t find stability with anybody, and say it is because “Love is bad”, “love doesn´t exist”, and “so is Love”…, the problem is that their relationship haven´t been based on love but in physical attraction, carnal desires or sex, and these things can´t keep a couple together for many time. If you wish emotional stability, be sure your relationship is based on LOVE and no other “substitute.” Two meanings of carnal desires: it get to the end just fast, it never will produce love. Many couples get married just because carnal desire and years later the physical attraction decreases, because the body changes, that is why that the eroticism is completely opposite to Love, the physical attraction dies but the real love never dies. Any physical body will last forever, no matter how many cares or exorcises, the human body deteriorates when the time pass. If your couple marry you because of your good shape, be sure he or she will leave you when get attracted with someone with a better body than yours. It is vital for you to get in love with someone who Loves you more than he desires you.

The fashion is erotic, novels are erotic, and the pornography is erotic. When we feed with this virtual garbage immediately we get distracted and stop looking for our ideal couple, getting interested only to have sex with someone else. That’s why we end alone and without love. Many couples are looking for keep their relationship alive based on eroticism, spending money in sexual toys, sexy lingerie, trying Kama sutra or buying perfumes that magically “awake” love. But none of these things can provoke Love. When there is real love in the couple, the eroticism flows, because it´s part of the intimacy of the couple.

A really good sex doesn´t require eroticism, but LOVE. The biggest proof of love isn’t sex but TRUST. Sex it’s not about nude, but HOLINESS.


The True Love: Agape

Songs of Solomon 3: 1-4 “By night on my bed I sought him whom my soul loveth: I sought him, but I found him not. I will rise now, and go about the city in the streets, and in the broad ways I will seek him whom my soul loveth: I sought him, but I found him not. The watchmen that go about the city found me: to whom I said, Saw ye him whom my soul loveth? It was but a little that I passed from them, but I found him whom my soul loveth: I held him, and would not let him go, until I had brought him into my mother’s house, and into the chamber of her that conceived me.”

God motivates you to look for the one who Love your soul. This is The Real Love, someone that loves you not because of feelings or carnal desires, someone who doesn´t need eroticism to love you. Because know you really good, love you so much, love your soul. Someone just like Joseph that chooses LOVE instead sex. The time has come when the couple should stop looking for what incite them more and start looking how to love more each other. The key is in the middle of both ends. The true love is not based in the eroticism, carnal desire, not in the changing feelings of the heart, but is based in actions and decisions. Neither a heavy storm can destroy that Love, because is a real love, based on real things, that doesn´t get destroyed by the time nor change or gets over like eroticism, carnal desires or feelings. Is a love based on GOD.

In the cross Jesus didn´t kiss you, neither hugs you, either wrote a poem nor tells you “I love you”, but He dies in you place. This is the realest demonstration of His love. God is Agape. The love that brings everything with no limits, this kind of love ins demonstrated with acts. When someone loves you with an Agape love NEVER will forsake you, nor abandon you or deceive you, because had taken the solid decision of love you. God loves you with an Agape Love. Your ideal couple will love with this kind of love. This is a key for you to recognize your ideal couple. Sex won’t be asked, just to be happy. Your physical body doesn’t matter, just you. Never will abandon you. Will drive you near to God, NEVER will get you away from Him. Will promise eternal love to you… and will be truth. The day when you replace the eroticism, pornography, feelings, empty sex with Love, then you´ll find what you were looking for: HAPPINESS.

The love based on feelings, fails and is temporary.
The love based on eroticism and sex, fails and is temporary.
The love based in God, triumph and ins eternal.

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The 3 keys to avoid suffering in the Love


Nowadays, there are a lot of frustrated people in love matters. They had looked for Love their entire life and so far it’s not found. But, ¿Is it maybe that Love doesn’t really exists? ¿Or maybe we’re not looking what we suppose to look for? We must renew our concept of what we called “Love”, it’s the only way to reach the real Happiness. There are three keys to avoid waste and damage our emotional and sexual life:

 Say NO to “First Sight Love”

The worst emotional nonsense is to mix up the verb “to like” with “to love”.

A lot of people are easily surrender to the person they like instead of waiting for the ideal person for their lives. We had put the physical appearance over the Love and it has devastated our heart, and even worst, it has retarded our emotional intelligence.

You must understand a deep reality: among all your life you’re going to like A LOT of people; too many people. That is why pretending “to fall in love” of someone´s physical appearance doesn’t have a happy ending. Every day of your life you could like someone different and you’ll have the desire of changing constantly your partner. At the end you’ll end up mentally exhausted, weak and confused.

It has been the emotional failure of the 21th century: to enclose Love on the physical appearance. It’s unbelievable to see that around the world, the first cause of infidelity and sentimental breaks ups is “someone I liked the most than my former partner just appears”. ¿Do you really believe that the verb “to like” can make up for all what “to love” can give to you? A lot of people has lost their ideal partner because at the moment of choosing between “the good looking” and the “super good looking” they choose the more attractive without hesitating, instead of found their decision on a solid base beyond the curves and athletic body.

Around the world, a lot of people live literally under the saying “first sight love” and every time they meet someone they’re waiting that the “magic love” of the movies happened. They had totally confused the verb “I like him/her” with “I love him/her”. People say “I loved her since the very first second I saw her”, “I cannot forget that way of looking, I think I am in love”, “I like him/her too much, I think it’s love”. In front this phrases it must be questioned if these people are really sure of knowing what they are saying and if they really know that what they suppose to feel: Love. If we analyze every one of these phrases we noted a common detail: every one of them is based on two things: emotions and physical attraction. In this planet there are a lot of “lovers of love”. They’re in love of the romantic postcards, dates, sunsets, kisses, moonlight, poems, green eyes, legs, shapely body… they love more than just the mere person. The question is: if we erase all of this: postcards, dates, poems, exciting body and so on, would be they still deeply in love? You’ll be surprise to know that a lot of people keep without answer in front of this question, since they think “love” is precisely all those things… just those things. Think over something deep just few seconds: if the person whom you affirm want to be, suddenly losses all the external beauty ¿Do you still want to be by his/her side the rest of your life? If the answer is “I don´t know” it’s extremely important that you know that you just LIKE this person, but this does not guaranty that you´ll be happy with him/her, much less, you´ll complete your emotional, sexual and spiritual life with him/her.

In their “falling in love” process a lot of people overlook all the important qualities on a relationship and they replace them for: the tone of voice, color of the eyes and exciting body. They attribute them to the “love” they feel but the real truth is that it´s not love but just emotional and physical attraction. Fall in love of somebody that loves you beyond of his/her desires. Desire dies one day, but genuine Love will never end. Love with the head, Love with Wisdom.


I will reveal you a key that will transform your emotional life forever: you won´t recognize your ideal partner for “feeling butterflies in the stomach” or “his/her gorgeous physical appearance” much less for “how excited you are when you guys are together”. You will recognize your ideal partner because God, with clarity and doubtless, will confirm this in your spirit: “stop looking; he/she is the correct one”.

Wait for your ideal partner

Genesis 2:18 “Then the LORD God said, “It is not good that the man should be alone; I will make him a helper fit for[a] him.”

The emotional frustration that exists in the 21th century is precisely because people are not waiting for the ideal partner. Experience brings itself more life lessons. Life lessons bring more memories and more memories bring more emotional fatigue.

The emotional area works different enough from the rest of the areas of our life. Any area (physical, human, economical or spiritual) works under the premise “the more experience the better”. Even this premise is totally applicable in these mentioned areas, on the emotional area does not work that well. How many sentimental relationships had lived Adan before knowing and having sexual relations with Eva? And, how many emotional relationships had been Eva involved in before meeting Adan and having sexual relations with him? Exactly! In both cases the answer is the same: NONE. How many sentimental partners meet Adan before join together his ideal partner? How many sentimental partners were on the Divine Plan of God for the Human being? Exactly! In both cases the answer is the same: JUST ONE. THE IDEAL ONE.

The human being is designed and capable to keep “clean of emotional past” before joining with his/her ideal partner and reach the human, economical, emotional, sexual and spiritual success with him/her! God set written to “save our heart” because He knew we were created to save ourselves for our ideal complement, and if we continue going from “romance and romance” and “break up after break up” we will end up with an emotional area full of negative memories, capable not only of exhausting and damage our heart but also to prevent ourselves of loving at 100%! In other words, on the Divine Plan we were born to find and join our ideal emotional partner as “emotional inexperienced” and to reach success this way. The “emotional experience” of most of people just let them tired, fearful, frustrated and without real love on their relationships.

There is something that will shake your heart now: You do not need previous experience to love somebody for real, nor for having a good and healthy sex. Your ideal partner loves you at the same level God loves you, with REAL Love…just that person will love you that level.  A common mistake is to believe that your ideal partner will just complete yourself on your emotional area, but that is not true. Your ideal partner is your ideal complement in every sense since he/she is an extension of yourself; he/she complements you in every area of your life: emotional, economical, human, social, intellectual, physical, sexual and spiritual. Without he/she your will never reach 100% of blessing in every area of your life. You will never be complete in any area of your life. Your ideal partner is created to live perfectly fit with you. God is the most interested in you joining your ideal partner. Your Heavenly Father not only knows your heart and your sexual and emotional needs but also He knows that by just joining your ideal partner you´ll reach a full life. While you keep yourself with God is impossible you will end up alone. And what is more, not only you are looking and wishing with all your heart to find you emotional, sexual and spiritual complement, your ideal partner is also looking for you. This fact gives us the peace to trust and to prepare ourselves in God´s presence to meet him/her.


 Take care of your genitals

This is the reason why a lot of couples suffer tremendously on their sentimental relationships: they involve their genitals too soon. It will never be the same a Love caress than a Sexual caress. There is a huge difference between them and it is important you to understand it.  Caress do not “wake up the Love” in somebody, caress are the consequence of that LOVE; I caress my wife because I LOVE HER and not to provoke LOVE between us. This is a strong model in many single couples that pretend that love born, grow up and keep itself based to the extent that they caress each other. Soon or later they find out that the yearned love never appeared, and what really appeared is the unstoppable sexual desire and sexual excitement that end up in fornication. Fornication is a door that has destroyed hearts of thousand people around the world and had unable them to love someone again. When you sexually join someone else, you are not only joining your body. Sex is a complete emotional, sexual, spiritual and physical fusion that turns a couple in ONE in front of God.

Do you know why couples fornicate? Because they let desire to replace Love.

Do you know why there is too much emotional suffering in 21th century? Because couples give their genitals to someone who does not appreciate them.

Do you know why people break up after formicating? Because desire is not enough to maintain a couple together

Do you know why is extremely difficult to establish a relationship with someone after fornicating? Because you are already part of someone else

Fornication is based in desire and not in Love. If someone really loves you, he/she does not want your body just for a moment; instead, he/she wants to be with you the entire life. When you love your partner, you are not focused in satisfying your genitals, you are focus on satisfying his/her heart. What really causes the long lasting and real in your life is just the God´s Coverage. A good, real and long lasting sexual life is only caused by God´s Coverage. A good, real and long lasting emotional relationship is only caused by God´s Coverage. When, out of the Marriage link, we caress the genitals of other body, we are falling into curse because physical contact is not on God´s Coverage. Fornication doesn’t have God´s Coverage, that is why instead of improving our sexual and emotional life it just destroys it.

EMOTIONAL KEY: Taking care of our genitals is the wisest thing you can do in your engagement because it causes the essential God´s Coverage over your relationship. Your genitals are too valuable to give them to someone that does not appreciate them, someone that just wants to satisfy the morbidity, or worse, someone whom you are with just because is “too attractive”.


Stop suffering. Say NO to “First sight Love”, wait for your ideal partner and take care of your genitals until marriage. These wise, current and powerful actions guarantee the emotional, sexual and spiritual success in your life, in other words, you will reach the yearned happiness.

“I really thank you Father, you have revealed me the keys that I need to be Happy and to avoid more pain in my emotional and sexual life; today I regret of my sexual sins and emotional weaknesses and I decide to accomplish the keys and wait for my ideal partner. Loved Jesus, receive my life and please heal it, I recognize that you’re my one and only personal savior, from today I belong to you, I promise to talk to you daily. Precious Holy Spirit, Amen”  

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The best time after a dirty night of lust.


I stumbled and fell. I dusted and I lift harder. That is my testimony.

No, I’m not one of those who can tell you never felt the bitter taste of defeat and the fall, I’d be lying if I said I never failed and my lips have not had to taste the bitter taste of negativity.  ‘m just a human, with weaknesses and temptations.

Apparently I did not go into many social and religious circles today as the standard seems to be the “perfect” or at least “that apparent perfect”, but I regret to say that I’m not perfect … I’m someone justified. Except for Divine grace. not deserve what I have.

Do not misunderstand me, I favor total pursuit of holiness and I believe in a life and flawless integration, but not at the cost of being honest. If God’s grace has given you the privilege of living without feeling cockroach after fighting all night with temptation and succumbing to it, if the Divine Will kept you away from your whole life cheating liquor, drugs and pornography, and live your day without feeling the slightest hormonal slippage in your senses, and the temptation does not affect you in the least, I must tell you that you are an exceptionally rare human being and that you are worthy of writing a book. But there are others like me, which the Lord in His grace and mercy saw me and decided to get his hands dirty, putting them to the hole that was and say  “Alejandro, do not understand why we do this but we have chosen to carry My Word and form a whole new generation for Me, so I will train you, I will sanctify you and give you My Power; I forgive your sins, serve me now and sin no more. I Love You. ” 

The best testimony

The best testimony I can hear is not the one who never fails and it does everything, but of one who despite being hopelessly failed dozens of times, has had the audacity to stand up, apologize and try once more time.  Maybe it’s because I identify more or because throughout the Bible and throughout human history I not see perfect human beings but persevering human beings, people who failed and then apologizing dust shaken and holding to Grace Divine reached the goal.

I have come to the conclusion that it’s hard to fall, but is worse never to have tried to climb.  ‘s where not agree with many leaders, they are not willing to take the risk of falling. I admire to Disciples and I’m sure none of them followed the Lord thinking that never fail and if they did have to see frustrated realizing that between more advanced, appeared before them a new challenge, a new step to climb on the stairway to heaven, a new standard that called them walking on water taking the risk of falling in front of everyone and receiving harsh criticism of others:  “I knew it was foolish to try, I hope the Lord taught him to act with more caution .. “-” so I always wait to be first the Master who tells me to do, so I never threw so without thinking, even for faith must tread cautiously “-” shame on you! you are fall. Now you are dirty, tell everyone that we do not mix with these “fallen”, we are called to unite ourselves only with the saints … “ , but the disciple Peter is radiant, yes, watch him, he is happy … and you can not blame , has just become the first human to walk on water, his name keep written in the Guinness record for posterity. Yes, he knows that fall into the water, but what tell me of the minutes that did NOT? those minutes that literally Peter knew it was floating on the vast sea of Galilee?  Peter had his five minutes of fame and that does not remove anyone.  Also, most importantly: now know what NOT to do for the next time that walk on the liquid vital not fall; Peter acquired something others did not: experience, growth, and why not say it?  the satisfaction of trying.

The key point

And that’s the point.  To win you must dare to fail.  ‘m not saying that any new project must fail first, but taking risks is vital to achieving higher goals.  Our goal should be perfect, but if we fall this beautiful process a few times, is the brave shake the dirty dust, apologize to God and holding from His Blessed Grace challenge one more round.  If I fall a thousand times, a thousand one, He lifted me in His Grace, if I just keep plugging away. Perseverance. Track once again.

Every time I understand morethe wise and comforting words of our Lord Jesus:  “… he who endures to the end will be saved”  wow, awesome, Jesus is saying something that confronts human minds:  “I do not care about your failure, I worry that you do not get up, I ask you Perseverance.” The Creator knows His Creation. Falling permitted, up is Required. The great successes of life does not require our strength but our perseverance.

Disgusting and pathetic devil seeks to deceive keeping us away from the Throne of Grace from Heavenly Father, putting us false ideas that “no longer deserve the Divine Forgiveness,” “wait to be fine and then present yourself to God,” “only the saints can talk to God and enjoy His Love” and many lies that keep God’s people not daring to persevere through fear of falling into the water.

70 times 7

You want to hear some more of Peter? Just denied Jesus three times Yes, three, not talking about a “little sin” that can be solved by putting in “discipline” a couple of weeks, we talking about denying God, we speak of blasphemy. Means the punishment of Peter was hell itself.  One day I was talking to the Lord of the Apostle Peter and the extremely serious failure to deny three times, it what the Lord said me: “you remember even this failure in the life of Peter?” – “Yes, Lord”  I replied – “I NOT”. His words sounded so direct that touched my soul  “True beloved Lord, You already forgave him…”  The Divine forgiveness to all, 70 times 7 genuine forgiveness for anyone who approaches the Throne of Grace of the Almighty.  After a dirty night of lust, can come a gleaming morning. That’s the best.

1 John 1:9  “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us and cleanse us from all unrighteousness.”


Saint for 24 hours

You’re down? arise.
You failed again? fight one more round.
Have sand in your clothes? take it off.
Have dirty nights in your life? Clean them before the Throne of Divine Grace.
Have unconfessed sins? Bend your knees and stick to Forgiveness by the Blood of Christ.
Achieve a victory? achieves more.

Just please, not give up, perseveres.


Until the last of my sighs

This humble blogger prophet, fallen several times throughout life, but the greatest achievement I can share with you is that despite my failures and weaknesses, still clinging to Jesus seeking that longed perfection in everything I do, to the last breath the rest of my life … and never, never give up. Also I have something in my favor, I know that I should do so that the next time I walk on water, NOT falling. ;)

“Holy Father and ask forgiveness from the depths of my soul, forgive me in the name of Jesus, now receive Your forgiveness and Lordship of Jesus over my life, please cleanse me and purify my life, help me be like You. I promise to talk daily with you Precious Holy Spirit, i know that You will change me with Love, Amen.” 

“Go, and sin no more.”

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All things that the money YES can buy it.


“Money can buy everything” .
“Money allows you to not be enslaved to anything.”
The words quenched their soul.
The words brought apparent calm.
Seemed to be the solution to your problems.
Seemed to be the magic spell that would be his emblem.
From that day became his obsession.
From that day became his most crazy illusion.
He wanted to have everything that seeing his eyes.
He wanted to live a life without limits or chains.
And the money seemed to be the satiating all your cravings.

He dreamed with becoming a millionaire.
He dreamed with having something extraordinary.
Having money was his ultimate dream.
Having money was where he to put his best efforts.
But money will never was enough.
But money never satisfy their dreams completely.
Lies, theft and sale of drugs.
Lies, credit cards and extensions.
He did everything necessary to achieve their desire.
He did everything, but nothing brought peace to his eager.
Somewhat failure.
Somewhat lacking.

He not laughed.
He has long been felt at a dead end.
He did not understand your situation.
He did not understand the reason for his brutal depression.
Did not have everything that had wished?
Did not have everything that his hand had won?
Mansions, cars and travels.
Jewels, luxuries and restaurants.
Marihuana, videogames and prostitutes.
Cellphones, nightclubs and Google Glass.
Labour all his life to achieve it.
Labour all his life to enjoy it.
Nevertheless had a void that nothing seemed to fill.
Nevertheless had a void that nothing seemed to satisfy him.

Now he was surrounded by objects but devoid of affection.
Now he was surrounded by things but nothing seemed perfect.
He was missing the key ingredient.
That which turns dreams into reality and shortages in prosperity.
That which fills us with happiness.

Now he is disappointed.
Now he lives completely stressed.
Seeking everywhere, something that is not full of falsehood.
Seeking someone who can show him the truth.
But the fate had him a surprise.
But the fate came to free him from suicidal ideas in his head.
Then occurred.

A woman in front of his mansion.
A woman who said she had a mission to fulfill.
A woman that assure had the solution.
An unknown voice.
A voice that made ​​him regain control of his life.
She said that had been deceived.
She said that to him the world had betrayed.
Assure him that the money was not the solution.
Assure him that Jesus was their only salvation.

“Money can NOT buy everything.”
“Money can NOT get you out of the mud.”
“Money is a wonderful servant, but if you let rule over you, destroy you completely.”
“Money can buy a bed but not Rest. Joy but not happiness. Sex but not Love. A house but not a home. ”
Most expensive and valuable gifts is NOT called “iPhone”, “jewelry”, or “Automobile”, is called “Time,” Love “and” Life “.
“Money without coverage from God does not bring happiness and ends quickly, the money with coverage from God brings happiness and never ends. ”
“Money can NOT buy the most valuable: Love, Happiness, Time, Peace and Salvation; because the more valuable it is a gift from God. ”
This words confronted his soul.
This words brought a genuine calm.

Dreamed with knowing personally to Jesus.
Dreamed with knowing personally the Light.
Know God was his ultimate dream.
Know God was where he put his best efforts.
Prayer, fasting and vigil.
Prayer, Church and Bible.
He did everything necessary to achieve his desire.
He did everything, and achieve brings peace to his eager.
He made it.

Now he know the truth.
Now he do not live in a world of falsehood.
Now use the money wisely and honestly.
Now enjoy the maximum true prosperity.
Now he is surrounded by objects but also of affection.
Now he is surrounded by things and all seems perfect.
He knows now the key ingredient.
That wich turns dreams into reality and shortages in prosperity.
That wich fills us with true happiness.
That wich gives us Peace, Love and everything that money can not buy.
He now knows to JESUS.

“Almighty God, thank you for reminding me the truth about the deceitfulness of riches, now understand that true prosperity comes from you and not of the world and is not based on my work but on your love for me. I surrender my life to Jesus, Lord please save my economy and cover with the coverage of God, I promise I’ll talk to you daily Precious Holy Spirit, I need your wisdom on my economic life. Amen “

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The day that I decided to change sex for Love.


He proposed marriage to her in a fit of passion and perhaps true love. Someone finally decided to devote his real career and vocation: medicine. She leaves her distractions and enters the Biblical Seminary in order to prepare for work in some remote part of the world. A teenager makes the decision to be the best in football and, from now, will work very hard to achieve it. Both parents finally agree that she should not abort, and have that child. All have a common denominator: fundamental decisions that now seem simple, but affect their own future and unconsciously the others. The first will be a bachelor without worrying about the pants that used on Saturday to become the hub of a family. Another save hundreds of lives in a hospital, from the emergency room. The girl who once decided to prepare the seminar, now preaches at a corner of New Guinea. The other is a recognized player and just signed a multimillion dollar contract to play in Italy. The couple who once decided not to abort, now listen to your child give his presidential speach from the White House. Decisions that cause a cosmic blow somewhere. Decisions that affecting others, Generationally. Small decisions that go unnoticed for any writer of great events but, over time, will become bigger story. I know one of those stories, which speaks of those simple but important Decisions.

It was a cold May morning and the man passed the saddest birthday in his entire existence. He was serving his first five decades of life and the balance was not favorable. His wife was sick a few years ago. No matter how many, were eternal. The man, a carpenter, had seen gradually how the cancer’s mate had almost a lifetime. It was a humiliating disease. When was the last time this rustic hand man had slept all night? Almost did not remember. Everything had turned gray since the damn cancer came home. His wife had not the slightest resemblance to the picture of the old double portrait that hung on one wall of the bedroom. Now it was just a cadaverous face, snowy, colorless and below the normal weight of any mortal.

“You are an adult lady,” the doctor had said, “… go home and wait.”

The man, temperamental and rough hands, I knew what to expect. The inevitable. That which would snatch his wife and mother of his four children. Without mercy, without giving a few more years of grace. Rotten breath of death seemed to fill the atmosphere with every passing day. The drink was as an anesthetic for the old carpenter. At least for a few hours was not required to think. By the time duration of the binge, have a range in the middle of a life that gave him no respite. There was any alcohol spread throughout the house, in cupboards, the fridge, garage, shed and even a bottle in an old sawdust and rusty barrel. This was his birthday. Man celebrating another year of life and a less year with his wife. The moan of his wife woke him from lethargy. “Remember,” she said gently, “we are now invited to go to that church.” The man made ​​a gesture of disgust. He had not stepped a church. Just remember some religious songs in German that were sung in his hometown. But the order of his wife was not an option, it was a desperate plea. Perhaps the ultimate wish of those who fight melee with tumor stubbornly invade everything. A last attempt to approach God before leaving forever. Carpenter rough hands and drunken breath, nodded. The church was not very close, but when the cancer is installed in a home, nobody cares time and distances. That night, the birthday, marriage came with her ​​two children to the church in a remote town called Del Viso, on the immense Argentina. Those who saw him say that he leaned against the wall and heard the sermon.

“Nice way to celebrate a birthday,” he must have thought wryly. But he went there with some respect, seeing as his wife wept before the altar. He barely heard the message, but he sensed that had to accompany his wife, and slowly the man with hid bottles of alcohol in the sawdust, came forward. Both took a Decision. They accepted to Christ as only and sufficient Savior. A simple Decision that did not seem too historical, and I’m sure that very few realized that night to the Carpenter and his ailing wife. But they changed their lives forever. She watched how cancer retreated gradually to transform miraculously in only a bad memory. The man got rid of all the alcohol bottles and never returned to take. What started as a bad day ended with a Decision that affecting the future forever. The old carpenter went to his shed and raised his fist to the sky. Now he is determined to make a radical and categorical determination. That’s not any fist raised in a dilapidated warehouse, is the fist of the champion. Never again will drink. Never be away from God. It’s a promise. A Decision.

One decision can change everything. every dream in life requires taking a Decision. Unbreakable, radical without turning back. Such Decisions affecting the universe. Many people dreams with something but few take the final decision of daring to make them come true, with all the criticism that entails. Hard work, loneliness, and endure the criticism of others are inevitable elements on the way toour dreams. You can have all the money, but if you do not take the Decision to defeat your giants and conquer what you crave, will be useless. It will be money wasted on meaningless nonsense. NOT be achieved with “luck”, the success is achieved with Faith, Prayer and Hard Work.

That brutal Decision.

I remember my first decision. Cost me so MUCH. A decision can not based on what you feel, in a momentary thrill or a pep talk; a real decision is taken in the privacy of your room, having battled against yourself and have been victorious. I remember before devote full time to the ministry, God deal with my life hard to motivate to believe Him and to take a decision regarding the Call that He was doing on my life. I remember asking Him thousands of “confirmations” until one day Holy Spirit told me the phrase that has shaken me more strongly in my life and gained me from step to step in this hard way of the Gospel, He said, “You know that born for that … “; those words confronted my life and my reality … the problem was not that God could … the problem was that I Decide to want, but the Decision was tough, it was to leave all my comfort for something I did not know, it was leaving the known for the unknown, the “economic security” of a monthly salary for Believing to God by divine provision, was to stop thinking and start acting, was to live the call and put my life His entire service. But continually sounded the same phrases over and over again in my memory “in this country can not be posible…”, “many people non achieve it”, “and if it does not work?”, “no one has done this before”, ” you can not live from the gospel… “, among a lot of phrases that unfortunately still hear men and women who know they have a call from God and still paralyzed by fear. Giant dreams stoped for lack of a Decision.

That day I decided to believe.
I Change my fornication for waiting the true Love.
I Change my porn site for a Bible.
I change my laziness by hard work.
I change my failure by success.
I replace to the devil by God.

Over time Holy Spirit has revealed to me something: everything is based on a Decision, the Decision to continue or give up, to believe or not believe, to love or hate, to fear or take the risk…keep equal or to work harder. So I encourage to dream … I thought it was possible … I became one of them … a Disciple of Jesus Christ. I keep a firm decision until today despite so many critical and devastating crisis.

The greatest destroyer of dreams is not called “shortage” is called “laziness”. (Proverbs 6:9)

Making a decision is about burning our past, our fear, our mediocrity, our pride, our laziness, our passivity towards life, our eternal excuses and eliminate the negative phrases that paralyze us … and move without turning to look back . The problem is not the crisis, but doing nothing for out of it. God not bless the “lukewarm” but those who take the decision to sanctify, wait for your ideal partner and leave the passivity in their lives.

A life anti-laziness.
A life anti-passivity.
A life pro-God.
The result of such Decisions is called Success.

A Decision is what separates the dreamers of those who are successful in life.
My Goals for 2014: Love harder. Work harder. Pray harder. Believe harder.
Ministry New Generation for God preaching in Portuguese, Italian, Chinese and Russian.
Programming Study.
Integral Counseling Center and I no longer live, but Christ living in me.
And I made ​​the decision to fulfill unturned … without look back.
Without stopping. No surrender. No excuses.
‘ll live intensely and I shoot my past away.
Goodbye past, Hello Future.



What’s stopping you to achieve everything you want?

That has paralyzed your dreams?
‘s your turn now.
Decide your 2014.
Raise your fist at the sky with determination and re-Believe.
Setting goals and dedicate to them.
Leaving the spiritual warmth.
Stop fornicate.
Stop trusting in the horoscope.
Start reading the Bible.
Begin exercising.
Working hard enough to make you a millionaire.
Coaching for success in that ring called “University.”
Talking daily with Holy Spirit.
Make to God the absolute center of your life .
No excuses.
Love harder. Work harder. Pray harder. Believe harder.
Conquer your 2014 for Jesus Christ.
Goodbye past, hello future.

“Thank God for always being with me at all times and difficult situation, thanks for revealing that you let everything in my life has a good purpose for me. Removes laziness and passivity in my life and help me reach my goals and aspirations for this 2014. Today I decide to change to please You. Beloved Jesus receive my life and make it completely yours, I believe in you as my only Savior and I promise talk daily with you Precious Holy Spirit, Amen. “

Excerpt modified from book of Dante Gebel “The Code of the Champion.”

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