Use your two hands


The damage was extreme, more than blood was the internal pain that he felt, knowing that the enemy had torn skin, muscles, and the bones themselves. The battle had been hard strong, heartbreakingand above all long, the seconds had gone to minutes and minutes to hours, the enemy had used his best fighting techniques in the open, every shot was planned to injure and damage vital organs to the point that were moments when it seemed to be a very unequal combat.

But the champion had in his favor the experience, not for the first time facing an opponent so cruel and although this seemed to know and understand their weaknesses and was precisely where most attacked. “Heh, heh, heh seem exhausted, want to give up?” Stammered the adversary as savoring the moment in which the champion give the “yes” to such invitation to the defeat – “ever! whispered with great difficulty the Champion while his shaky legs trying to keep up one more round.

“I have not heard the bell end of the fight, I can still fight one more round … while a breath of life and have the encouraging words of mood from my coach, I will continue in the battle!” a deep growl full of rage came from the mouth of the opponent – “I hate you and you know it, and even more to your trainer!” – “not as much as I hate you opponent!, you repeatedly trying to throw me to the canvas but in any fight you’ve done it … I know you plan to kill me but … ” – “I’ve come close on several occasions! if only you had ceded a little more … “-” You said it, you are close… but never achieve! “- the bell rings to signal the start of a more round; is a fight different, the normal rules do not apply and weapons are much more powerful. The two are placed in the middle of the ring, both know it will not be one more round, this is the decisive round, the last one, after today there is no a new opportunity, it’s all out … is a matter of life and death.

The enemy intends to attack once more with what you know does more damage: lust, addictions, pornography discouragement, frustration, doubt, materialism, envy, temptations and with other dirty strategies that has damaged the champion round after round; but this time the champion looks different, this time known that be different, he has saved the best and more powerful for the end, perhaps knowing he would need; now in their hands have the weapons, and not to fight with bare skin, now its hands possess the weapons of Champions, of warriors, of the Victorious…the brightness of the edge weapons reflected on the face of the champion while the first punch is thrown into the air … on one hand brings the infallible weapon called PRAYER and wielded in the other, like a golden shield rumbles defiantly the FASTING; the battle has begun.

Matthew 17:21 “But this genre (high level of problem / difficulty) not out but by prayer and fasting.”

In my opinion this is one of the most controversial verses, powerful and ultra revealing of all the holy Scripture but ironically is one of the least mentioned in the People of God. Jesus is more than talking, is revealing the root and source of power unprecedented in human history, is saying that there are difficulties, problems or situations which will be the only option to defeat, use the most lethal convinación there against the world darkness … the potent mixture of prayer and fasting.

I remember a while ago when seemed escape the anointing of my hands and my soul; seemed to be that the anointing was something that only “touched me by moments” and then always disappeared, but the worst part was that my integrate life seemed be being affected by an invisible and deadly viruses, able to shake my marriage, my finances, my gifts, my company, my spiritual life, my strength and all my projects life … as lethal virus that was not enough to “weaken” his opponent, his goal was to kill him! Tired of all this, and having as “guest” to this annoying and powerful virus in my life, one day I decided to find out once and for all as out of my life and is more … eliminate … and survive the attempt! But understand something: I had always prayed “normal”, attending a local church and read the Bible from time to time, but deep inside I knew I needed something more “strong” to get out of this … was where God gave me the key. Due to extensive use of my computer, my right wrist was affected to the point of not being able to use it for several days because could otherwise seriously injuring my hand, which is why I was forced to use only my left hand to perform all my daily tasks and activities. God has blessed me with being “ambidextrous”, that is I can in some cases (very few indeed), use both hands to effectively perform some tasks of everyday life, but with all that “power ambidextrous” I was very (emphasize the vERY) hard, work and perform everyday and despite being able to do some level of effectiveness, I took much more and the result was below to the normal and others that really were impossible to achieve with one of my hands.

Filled with frustration and anger at myself for that situation, God had mercy on me, when at the end of the day He said, ‘the same goes for your spiritual area, you need your two hands to succeed. You do realize that despite doing well and able to use several simple things with one hand, you need both to get all the power and potential they have and be successful? there are things that just can not be done with one hand, you need both, equally will have tests, mountains and situations in your life, that just will not move a single spiritual weapon.” It was incredible God had not only had me literally invincible and capable restore my anointing and all my life, but He will reveal me the spiritual convinación FASTING + PRAYER.


Matthew 17:21 “But this genre (high level of problem / difficulty) not out but by prayer and fasting.”

This verse has become a my banner, my deadly weapon against evil, in my entire Bible, from that wonderful day not conceive the Holy Scripture without this verse of impact … JESUS opened my eyes, filled me with His power and get me along to victory. I know people who have stopped literally praying for his miracle and when you find out the reason the answer is confrontational “take too much time asking for the same thing and nothing happen …” I must confess that this statement made ​​long ago had left me speechless, but now I answer clearly it’s just a sign that their Miracle does not fit the “normal category” but in the category of “special miracles”, these mountains, these situations, those genres that only come out by prayer and fasting.

The key resides in their linked. You should know the hidden truth, the power of these weapons is not in separately but in their linked. This that is heard as simple is the problem … for these weapons really work, we should take in the right hand the Prayer and in left hand the Fasting, at the same time! This is not about Praying today and fasting after tomorrow, or Fasting half hour today and Pray next week, NO. Is about make simultaneously, that is their power, behold the key to their strength, their authority and dominion… work together and not separate!

Many things in my life I owe to the revelation of this convinación lethal, although i had seen signs and wonders, the biggest miracles occurred until i use this power dual revealed by God Himself. Anytime there a challenge bigger to my imagination, or that I have spent several days ask for a Miracle and nothing happen, is for me a red alert that that request exceeds the standard of “normal” and is vital if i really want made it, do use my TWO HANDS: the lethal convinación: prayer and fasting.

That mountain does not require more “waiting time”…. requires more power to destroy it. That anguish requires no more tears … requires more power to eliminate it. That proof not need more “strength to endure” … requires more power to overcome. That negative past not require more psychological sessions… requires more power to heal. That shortage requires no more extra work hours and extended worktime…. requires more power to prosper.

It is not about endure more, this is about obtain more power … is about prayer and fasting.

Close with this:

Only a few manage to true success in life … most stay in the stands, do not pass on the field, and conform as “God’s Will ‘ his mediocrity in their lifes. I will dare to write something very controversial but I’m sure that the Disciples arrived “accustomed” to power, i mean, they healed thousands of patients every day, did wonders, miracles …they were recognized by all the entire known world, until encountered something “bigger” than them, so great that frustrated them and ask Jesus because they, being those who are, not been able to overcome…and Jesus Christ in His immense Love leads to another level, to a level where really nothing is impossible, where the rewards and blessings are 1000 times higher and only a small elite group of champions “heavyweight” enjoy playing in the real field game, a group that tired of sitting in the stands would one day enjoy the smell of the grass, feel the sunshine on your skin and score a winning goal extraordinary… that level where happen the Miracles huge, because they are also huge rewards, that level where only enters wearing an armor, a suit of iron forged in stainless steel, armor whose power is compared only with the power of God … an armor that only champions have the honor of wearing, an armor made of prayer and fasting.

From that day the Disciples were truly invincible, never failed again, the Holy Write makes clear, they were champions, they were warriors, fought with his two hands full … they saw the enemy in the eyes, and beat him again and again until slaughter him and knock him out … their weapons? Prayer and fasting.

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