The combat between Steve Jobs, aristotle, budha and Jesus.


Steve Jobs, Aristotle and budha

The ring was carefully prepared. The stadium was completely full, people were willing to sell all property owned as long as to buy a ticket to the event of the century, never in the history of humanity had seen anything like this. But I do not wonder. Scientific inventiveness of Steve Jobs with its revolutionary iPhone, the extraordinary philosophical and humanistic knowledge of Aristotle and the ideology of occultism, esotericism and religiosity of Buddha, were united to cope with Jesus of Nazareth. At last would know who was stronger, wiser and especially who was the best.

Steve Jobs made his triumphal entry. The atmosphere was deafening. Millions of cell glowed in the dark as a tribute to the man that would revolutionize the way people interact with the phone. A stage rumble ovation for several minutes, the voices would not stop. It was not long in joining , Aristotle and the ovation continued with the same intensity. Universities singing his name while the light rested on the door which would enter the last character of unprecedented threesome. A man dressed as a monk walking slowly made ​​its appearance in the ring, people had their sights set on he in the same time of his face was discovery and the lights lit up him; then he shouted the words: “all you are gods.” The shouting did not take long and humanity appeared to lose all control for what seemed like more than five minutes. The world collapsed in noise.


Suddenly a silence flooded the atmosphere. Jesus of Nazareth made ​​his appearance, without entrances, or flowing robes, quietly and peaceful, without anyone announcing just appeared on stage. A large majority of viewers wondered “who was this man.” The seconds seemed like an eternity until finally the narrator start his words accustomed. “Tonight we have a meeting that marked forever the course of humanity, finally we will know who is the best!”

This time the noise was no comparison, no human apparatus could measure the volume of what happened at that moment. “Tonight clashed four men, four truths, four doctrines: the humanist philosophy, the occult religious and scientific innovation demonstrate their highest qualities of combat … with …” The commenter seemed search through your notes who was actually the fourth man, who had quality, to which human branch represented? Scientific? Humanist? Religious? not appear in any branch known. He had to improvise. “And we have the” mysterious and misunderstood Jesus of Nazareth “. The world callus. None LIKE  was given. None RT or comment was made. No voice was raised on the earth.

The combat begin

The commenter gulped and ruled the start of combat. The expectation was awesome. The world’s media were there. All social networks spoke of the same thing. There was no human being on the face of the planet who was not watching the outcome of this fight. The bell rang. Scientific theories began to show its truth. The philosophy also shouted his truth. The occult religious recited numerous old scriptures trying to defend himself, each one trying to shout louder than the other. The first to fall was the humanist philosophy, bombed by irrefutable scientific facts. Hatred seemed to consume the ring while religious occultism gave a heavy sigh. Only someone keep silent. A smile was on his face. He seemed to know in advance the outcome of the deafening combat. Suddenly directs his eyes to heaven and said: “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life: no man cometh unto the Father but by Me.” Then just turned to see them all and clearly said “I love you.” Something happened. Suddenly only He would stand in the ring. Without hatred or violent weapons had destroyed them all. His only presence seemed to emanate a power beyond the incomprehensible. It was really supernatural. It was Love.

The combat was over. Love won.

Nobody on the planet thought the obvious. Scientists, philosophy and religion were represented by just human beings. That ring did not have four men, had only three. The Fourth is GOD.

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The solution to every problem of the world is Jesus. The religion, politics, science and philosophy have strong limitations and do not have the power to transform hearts and heal the world of hatred, malice and falsehood. The change we need is not a political strategy, had more technology around us, possess more material goods or money in banks, nor much less start a third world war, the unique solution is Jesus. The crisis, scarcity, and the disease is nothing more than the result of our separation from God, as we return to Him, life and happiness back to earth. We have a big mental problem: when we say JESUS​​, people immediately think of a human being, powerful and healer but human being. Atheists fail to cross the threshold of the supernatural and understand that who was born of Mary’s virginal womb was God Himself, His essence, Your image, Your everything. Maybe now you understand better because of the Resurrection: without her Jesus had remained as a simple human being in the eyes of humanity, a simple martyr who died for a cause, but he RESURRECTED! That’s the key that saves: His resurrection. Without her JESUS ​​is a martyr, an ancient sage or a “good man”, but with her, it shows who He said to be: YOUR savior; without him can not do nothing, but with Him all things are possible. Heaven or hell. Accept or reject Jesus.

Jesus was resurrected and that changes everything.

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An amazing story of Love, orgasms and marijuana.


My name is Francheska and I confess you that I was addicted to marijuana and sex, I thought that nothing and nobody could overcome this “convination”, but he did. Now I’m addicted to him.

It’s amazing but we did not separate for nothing literally. Since we live together we became best friends, confidantes and lovers. I have learned to know him and he already knows me. I remember the day when I first saw it, I confess that I knew from that moment that we would get along very well. It was spontaneous, without many words, it seemed we were destined to be together, was almost speechless, we both we attract like magnets. It seemed as if he knew exactly what I wanted to say before you say it, it’s so special! We spent a really lovely evening, I remember like it was yesterday, I have still so real his breath on me, I confess that his voice still made to vibrate me and I feel so special, wow no one has made me feel so! We eat together, go out together, we bathed together until it is amazing but I have become so addicted to your company, spent the whole day talking, literally!

We went everywhere together, we never abandoned, I could not take a step without him, I would lose … yes, I know that sounds childish, but I assure you it’s true, I feel so lost without him! You know something? is more than just company, it’s like … i dont know, if we were made ​​for each other, I had heard that there were people who had found this type of relationship but always thought they were like “special people”, a kind of weird aliens very “lucky”, but it is not so! Is real the possibility of living a relationship and feel so special, so free, so … you. Since I get up in a good mood so I scare myself! The first sentence I say is “Good morning my love ..” I confess that this is the first time I have the feeling of experiencing a real and genuine relationship, those who just listen and you get to imagine that only exist in the mind a producer of a European film. You have no idea how I can express all of me and never makes me feel bad, I can be so free with him! I am naked in front him and not feel anything negative, his eyes see me with a love so genuine and without a hint of morbidity … is sensillamente unique. He is unique.

I’ve come to know so well, know exactly what he likes and what pleases him, and also what he hates, is someone very interesting you know, it’s like a mixture of gentleman warrior and a sweet boy … I told you, he was only of its kind! have you seen a child when despise or not you give him your attention? and gradually moves away from you and does not want to be with you? And back happy and with a smile of genuine happiness when you talk and you give him your attention and you show love? thus is him too. So take good care of my relation with him. Immediately recognize when something is not right. I confess that my relationship with the care more than any other relationship I have in my life. I really love him you know, and this is the first time I’ve said so sure and confident … because he loves me too. No reservations, no limits, no rules, no restrictions, only Love. But as I was saying he is also a strong warrior when trying to protect me or help me with my daily issues, takes care of He tell me so incredible! But do not think that I feel overwhelmed with overprotection, on the contrary, I feel free in truth, know that being with He tell me not lack anything ever! We talked about our future plans, he wants so much to me! He has told me he already has the place to live, is a mega mansion! He telling me his future plans for us and seriously, let me open-mouthed to the extreme! I can not believe! I always wondered how millionaire shall be really, because never worries about costs and payments, would seem to be insignificant nonsense the invoices of each month, always at the right time is presented with the resources I need and more, always brings me a surprise gift … that I keep it to myself, so use your imagination to know that is, ha, ha, ha! No, seriously, no one has made me laugh as much as him to the point of getting wet my panties! Gives me every surprise what you never think, do not believe it if I tell you.

And also he defends me. He spread fear when angry with someone who want to do something bad to me, he’s really strong. Nobody ever bother me again, nobody. But you know that’s what really puzzles me? he always knows what to do! No matter the difficulty, the problem or difficult situation, always has an answer and it works! do not believe me? Let me present you one day and you’ll see, you asked for something, anything, and always he will know that respond to you. What’s more, with him there are no taboos. I told him about my disease on my genitals, my lesbian friend, my temptation to pornography, my thoughts of hatred against “that” I hurt my suicide attempts, my childhood dreams, until my fear looks like my naked body and the relationship with my parents … he always listen, and you do not believe it but fix all that in my life! He always tells me “Francheska stop this nonsense, you know that is still not time for to have that, but you will have it.” I confess that their security about things I love it, I could not live with anyone else, anyone but him. Yes I can not deny it, I am addicted to their presence. I was addicted to marijuana and sex, I thought that nothing and nobody could overcome this “convination”, but he did. Now I’m addicted to him.


I’m happy. Genuinely happy with him. Every Date that I have with the leave me fully satisfied as any drug, pleasure or amount of money can offer me. I do not understand how I could live before I met him, I think I was accustomed to the strange and false “happiness” that offers the people … as I would like everyone to know and feel what I feel now you know? Once I observe him pensive, I asked him and quickly answered: “Very few people really know me like you Francheska … too few people. Many have only read about me, or other people tell them things. They’ve seen me pass close of them but never say hello … but I am a stranger for them. Francheska longing much help them, you know me you know what I’m willing to do for them … “ His voice were torn apart and a sob was heard in the room, yes, he crying. Now I understand him, he allowed me to meet him, really know him. It is the most loving person there, I discovered that he laughs a lot, sometimes also cries, gets excited as a kid when you get close to tell you something! is wise and also hyper mega billionaire . He is fascinated to talk and always wants to give wonderful gifts. It is extremely generous. Never go late. Is a Master in the Intimacy. Patient, gentil and brave. A gentleman. Never give up on trying to make you feel good. He’s gorgeous, beautiful and has two eyes, two arms, a mouth, two legs awesomely shaperly; and a beautiful hair. I am deeply in love with him. I’m completely addicted to Him.

I was addicted to many things: addicted to romance, pornography, sex and of course marijuana, but I assure you that nothing can surpass my new “addiction”, the difference is that my previous addictions left me in the street, penniless, dirty and completely empty and sad, but He let me clean, and completely full and happy. He gives me peace. He satiates every molecule of my life.

His name is Holy Spirit. Living Without His Love is literally impossible. He is a real, more real than you and I. He is not “something”, he is “Someone”. He is a living being that feels, speaks, guides, thinks, cares and loves. Knowing it has been the most extraordinary experience of my life and I can not imagine my life without Him. He helps me to talk to God the Father in the name of Jesus. I wake up and say “Good Morning, Holy Spirit! join me to breakfast please? ” and His presence saturate my room and follows me wherever I go invite. I do not go out without him and He is not going but invite him. His presence is real in my life and I want it to be in yours too. He is the supernatural power of God in your life. Pray to Holy Spirit, speaks to him, say Him “Good Morning, Holy Spirit, I have heard of you but I think still not want to know you know you … but do not know how … You could help me please? I need You. I love You. You are welcome to my life Holy Spirit. ” Look it up. Invite him to guide your life. God the Father is on the throne. Jesus is on his right. Holy Spirit was sent to be with you. To help you. Without Him we are nothing.

Where miracles happen? In prayer.

When they occur? When we pray.

Because no supernatural things happen in my life? Because you have not prayed with sufficient intensity.

If I could give you only one advice, one tip that forever quench all areas of your life it would be this: have an Date with God today. Talk with Him. I guarantee that when you meet Him personally you will be like me. Addicted to His Love.

“”Holy Spirit, I love you and desire meet you more but do not know how, you could help me? I need you, I really desire form a true and genuine personal relationship with you. Father thank you for your immense love, so today I acknowledge Jesus as my only and sufficient Savior, I ask you Lord to accept my life and make me completely yours. From today I make the pact to set aside time to be with you every day of my life. Amen.”

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