3 stupidities that should avoid anyone who wants to be Prosperous.


“She had no way out, or selling her body to satisfy sexual desires which if it were a piece of meat in the middle of hungry wolves or agreed to very strange requests from this mysterious man. The woman tumbled down on the cold ground, his mind was bombarded by countless unanswered questions. What had happened? How could it fall to such a situation? now begging the which once assured her that she was entitled by inheritance to possess it; did not have any logic, Where were many promises? What else left to do? for a moment felt that was living in a nightmare, a cruel nightmare where the only end looked like a freezing death in the middle of nowhere.

The strange man looked peaceful, serene, as if expecting the cruel end of this poor woman … the waiting for the answer, it was as if I lived only to hear the answer to that question. The woman stared at him as if to discover the true intentions of this strange being who had suddenly burst into life as flurry of fire and that now intended to take, yes, take away the only thing left. His mind was swinging such as the sea wave and did not allow you to take clear decisions, remember the hard work, dedication, had given all it could, how could now dare to ask more? it was as if they wanted to make sure to snatch up the last breath of life was left; suddenly her eyes met the eyes of man, and an amazing peace filled her soul. She did not know exactly if it was the look of a man or that tiny flame of hope that makes you keep trying even though death ronde so close, but a trembling hand took the pot while she watched how if she wanted to take their memory to the grave. She had decided to believe; there was decided to give to this man all she had, the last thing that she had … everything she owned. A tiny pot filled with oil. It was a total act of FAITH. The man smiled and shouted “bring all the vases you can, look everywhere and put them in front of me!”

Then it happened. The immense vases were filled with oil from the tiny pot, one after another without ever stopping, the liquid seemed never finished, it was like a kind of black magic had possessed the tiny clay pot. Ten, hundred, thousand … all the vases were filled to the max. A voice flooded the room “bring more vases!” – “There are no more vases, are over.” Then the liquid in the pot stoped just as mysteriously as it had begun. The scene was worthy of being photographed and be part of the Guinness record; the gleaming vases appeared in front of this woman while trying to understand what had happened. How was it? What happened? Does the tiny pot would have magical powers? did not know exactly, but never in her life had he been so happy to have accepted the challenge to give it to the mysterious man; now understood why he was so admired and sought after by thousands of people, now seemed see with their own eyes that it was no coincidence that say him “Prophet.”

Go, sell all the precious liquid and pay everything you owe, cancel all debt, loan, credit, and old purchase you have pending, and you and your household live comfortably from money remaining.” Poor widow became a millionaire. The economic miracle had been accomplished. The prophet Elisha had proven that God will always keep His promise of abundant supply provision of His People. Everything we put into the Hands of God, prospered.2nd Kings 4: 1-7

King Midas Divine

The key to prosperity is simple and clear: to put our resources in the Hands of God. The economic disaster comes when we put our resources into other hands, because only the Hands of God have the power to multiply and prosper, nothing and no one else has that power. It is easy to see that reality in the 21st century: we turn away God from our schools and the result is murder, bullying and debauchery; we move away from God in our governments and the result is violence, evil and unable laws to heal our society; we move away from God in our economy and the result is global financial crisis; but if we give God our schools, government and economy all healed because God’s Hands turn everything they touch into gold.

We have 21 centuries pretending separate God of our economy and the result is obvious. We took God out of our schools, offices, universities and our businesses and companies, said because “God does not mix with money” and the result is catastrophic. WHERE IS NO GOD, ALL DIE. When we make God our only Provider, the prosperity ceases to be a theory to become a fact in our daily lives.

How trying to say “stay out of this area of ​​my life,” to the One who can bless everything we do? Prosperity is the result of allowing God bless with His love and power our financial area.

NO let drugs, pornography or material things, control your economy, because those hands only contaminate and wearing out your resources, better put your property in the Hands of God and everything you do will prosper. That what we spend our resources is what matters most to us, the most valuable for us and also represent “the hands” we trust our economy. Never ceases to surprise the love of God. Why being able have ordered us 90% of everything, God only required us the 10%? Give God 10% of our time, money and goods, causes will bless the remaining 90%. Such is the power of tithing. When you give your heart to God, He heals, protects and releases from the past; gives you a new heart. When you deliver your family to God, He healthy, protected and free from harm; gives you a renewed family. When you deliver the Tithe, He heals, protects and frees your economy. Hands of God prosper everything they touch.

✔ Any person, situation, or material that is placed in the hands of God is healed, transformed and made ​​Free.


The culprit for the crisis

The widow had only a pot of oil, but she had three options: to be atheist and say “what I have is mine and of nobody else” or being religious and say “God does not want that I suffer, it will use what I have to eat and live “, or trust that if God’s Hands touch that pot, would be enough to change their scarcity into abundance. If she had chosen the first two options, would have inevitably died that day. The real solution to crisis is NOT in the hands of any government leader, technology or religion; this in God’s hands.

✔ God is not who caused the crises, it is He who delivers us from them.

Crises are NOT a result of the will of God, they are the result of our separation from Him. Must come a time that we stop blaming others and start taking responsibility, that is the beginning of a real solution.; It is “our” crisis because it is “our” separation from God. God is NOT the culprit for our crisis, He longs to bless and prosper us, but we decided to give back and away Him from our economy, and we are experiencing the result of such erroneous decision. The culprit are NOT the governments, the poor, the rich, the religious, the atheists, the whites, blacks, Europeans, Latinos, the elderly, the young people, the illiterate, the college people… the culprit is called evil.

The devil has a single goal: keep you away from God, because he knows that If he succeeds you will live alone, poor, sick and go to hell. The devil has used three things to keep the world in short supply:

The 3 stupid things we must eliminate to be Prosperous.

DISBELIEF: When we believe that it IS possible a solution, we eliminate disbelief. Without faith is impossible to prosper, because prosperity is the reward of those who dare to believe God. In the same way that you be sure of your salvation and healing of your body, you must be sure of your prosperity; remember that EVERYTHING was paid by Jesus on the cross. Who asks, RECEIVED.

SELF SUFFICIENCY: When we stop trusting ourselves and in the money, and give our tithe trusting God’s love, we eliminate our self-sufficiency. More than 21 centuries show us that we can not manage our lives for ourselves; until we heal the heart of human beings, then disappear the wickedness, violence and sin; no matter how much technology put in the hands of a murderer, he will continue murdering until his heart been changed; and that healing only God gives it. Trust and absolute dependence on God results in absolute prosperity.

DISTANCING OF GOD: When we bend knees and pray, we remove our separation from God and return to live in paradise. The Prayer has no substitutes. We can have thousands of “new” religions, we can build churches and millions of scientific institutes, or increase the number of religious or atheists in the world; but none of that will heal our planet. Only a personal relationship with Jesus can restore Peace, Love and Wisdom in our beloved planet Earth, and that personal relationship with God requires unquestionably a life of Prayer.

✔ The three satanic hindrances should be removed from our lives, only then we will experience the “Midas touch” in our lives.

It is time to return to the hands of God. The time came to live with less fear and more faith. Less tears and more prayer. Less self-sufficiency and more dependence on God. Came the moment of deciding to put everything we have in God’s hands, because His hands are the only ones able to bless and prosper.

“Almighty and good God, thank you for reminding me of this fact, today I give you my economy, my business and my dreams and I surrender before you, will pray daily for my nation because only you can prosper us, and I will encourage my family, friends and contacts to ask you everything as our unique provider. Thank you Dear Jesus for dying on the cross in my place, to pay the price of our salvation, prosperity and health, today I recognize you as my only and sufficient Savior, I long to be born again. I promise to talk to you daily Precious Holy Spirit, I know you have the wisdom that I need for my life. Amen.”

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The miracle that happened to a woman beneath her underwear.


“Her intimates’ parts were bleeding too much, so much that it was impossible to hide even if her body was hidden under three types of underwear.

“She weren’t even hiding anymore, now she were fleeing, fleeing from everything and everyone. Pursued by the authorities, police and even the same Church that almost considered her a heretic for daring to do what she was doing, but she didn’t yield under the pressure, something inside her knew that this was her chance; was the only, sublime chance… and most likely to be the last one. Was daring to dream it possible so bad? Was she really worthy of death to breathe some fresh air after twelve years of confinement? She knew that it was an opportunity that couldn’t let pass; maybe it was that only opportunity that made her to venture that far, maybe it was the brightness of hope that spread into her brain traveling mercilessly in every nerve of her body and made ​​her run while she hide her sin with all her force”.

“Where is him?… I have to find him. Only he can, he is the only one who can help me …” the weak voice of the woman were lost between the noise and tumult of so many people, “I know nobody listens to me but they can see me and find out what happens under my clothes…” a pain a desperation shout shook her voice and face while heavily she fell to the ground, the pain of so much remembering had confined her memory and as if it were a horror film she reminded so much suffering, so many drugs that strange hands offered to her, like if they were the magic elixir of her freedom, but it was all a fraud, a shameless fraud. Now her body was worn after twelve years of excessive blood loss and a sick soul because of so much pain and frustration, she desperately ran through the city ground streets, searching the man that for almost a magical error, which would have been the Divine Mercy tired of hearing her clamors has decided to end to such cries, let her hear his name. From that moment the man’s name had became her obsession and delirium, she dreamed his face and smell, the touch of his clothes like if they were the sweetest flower of the field.

She didn’t have money, goods, or any more dress than the one she was wearing, she didn’t have anything else than that piece of dignity that refused to die even at the expense of the same society and the laws they cataloged her as dirty and worthy of being eaten alive in hell. A viscous liquid stained her right hand. Yes it was there: crimson red, like smiling triumphantly after so many battle years. It was really ironic that the same liquid which her life depended, was the same liquid which she was worthy of death.  A red puddle appeared under their skirts and a desperate instinct stood up as she tried to hide the trail that would condemn her forever. Cheers and a crowd guided her eyes and as a telescope she visualized the man in front of her, she knew it was him, voices cheered the man and her heart sank when she trembling tried to approach him. The crowd was too much but it was too late, she was determined and nothing could stop her, deep breath and she enters like a wolf searching its prey through the bushes, amidst the entire crowd even knowing that one mistake will mean a painful and cruel death. All her senses were focused on him, nothing else mattered. The colors of his clothes appeared in front of her and his aroma penetrate her senses as if it were going to devour them, she was ten inches away from him, she couldn’t wait longer, she had to do it, was a matter of life or death. “If I only could touch the hem of his garment …”. A thin but firm hand touches the hem of the man’s garment. The man stops shocked, he recognizes that something has happened. Power has gone out of him.

“Who touched My clothes? Someone has touched me, because I perceive that power has gone out of Me”. The voice was powerful and strong but sweet at the same time, was a unique blend of fairy tale. She was on the verge of a nervous collapse, without knowing if it was because the fear of being discovered in her heroic daring, the emotion of discovers with her own hands that the blood had stopped or for the fact of seeing face to face the man which had left such a Power.

“It was me Lord” said the woman as humiliated because of her former condition she prostrated at the feet of the most Powerful man who ever walked on the face of the earth.

“Daughter, your faith has healed you,” Jesus told her, “go in peace and be healed of your disease and your affliction.” The Miracle was accomplished. (Mark chapter 5)

That’s what caused this unusual Miracle? FAITH. None miracle happens without FAITH. NONE. The FAITH is the solid foundation of a Miracle.


The key for Miracles

Without FAITH ever get a Miracle. Believe is thekey of the life in the 21st century. The only “impossible” is what you refuse to put in the hands of God. When we understand that God is real, we live differently way, aware that everything is under His control and everything will be fine. The darker darkness is only the prelude to a powerful miracle.  God is a specialist in Miracles. All we need you and me, is a personal encounter with Jesus. That’s what happens when we pray, we have the opportunity to meet with Him. If we can have the courage to get into the crowd and even more, to have the audacity to touch His garment, will be profoundly impacted. Any level of Miracle is possible for those who believes in Jesus. There are no limits. Whenever we approach Jesus in Prayer, a Miracle will be our reward.  And if you do not believe me, ask a woman that no longer has blood flow.

“God before you I bend my knees, tired and dejected by the world. I am very tired by the life, but today I decided to dare to snatch a Miracle from you. I extend my hands to touch you, please, let me touch you today Lord. I receive my Miracle today in faith, without doubt, without reasoning, without fear. I recognize that Jesus is my savior and died for me on the cross to forgive my sins and give me your forgiveness and eternal life. From today beloved Jesus, you are my only owner and personal savior, I trust exclusively in You to go to heaven. I give you what I am, and everything what I have, I surrender to you, please, receive my life and take control of my life, I promise to talk with you  daily precious Holy, Spirit, Amen. “

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All things that the money YES can buy it.


“Money can buy everything” .
“Money allows you to not be enslaved to anything.”
The words quenched their soul.
The words brought apparent calm.
Seemed to be the solution to your problems.
Seemed to be the magic spell that would be his emblem.
From that day became his obsession.
From that day became his most crazy illusion.
He wanted to have everything that seeing his eyes.
He wanted to live a life without limits or chains.
And the money seemed to be the satiating all your cravings.

He dreamed with becoming a millionaire.
He dreamed with having something extraordinary.
Having money was his ultimate dream.
Having money was where he to put his best efforts.
But money will never was enough.
But money never satisfy their dreams completely.
Lies, theft and sale of drugs.
Lies, credit cards and extensions.
He did everything necessary to achieve their desire.
He did everything, but nothing brought peace to his eager.
Somewhat failure.
Somewhat lacking.

He not laughed.
He has long been felt at a dead end.
He did not understand your situation.
He did not understand the reason for his brutal depression.
Did not have everything that had wished?
Did not have everything that his hand had won?
Mansions, cars and travels.
Jewels, luxuries and restaurants.
Marihuana, videogames and prostitutes.
Cellphones, nightclubs and Google Glass.
Labour all his life to achieve it.
Labour all his life to enjoy it.
Nevertheless had a void that nothing seemed to fill.
Nevertheless had a void that nothing seemed to satisfy him.

Now he was surrounded by objects but devoid of affection.
Now he was surrounded by things but nothing seemed perfect.
He was missing the key ingredient.
That which turns dreams into reality and shortages in prosperity.
That which fills us with happiness.

Now he is disappointed.
Now he lives completely stressed.
Seeking everywhere, something that is not full of falsehood.
Seeking someone who can show him the truth.
But the fate had him a surprise.
But the fate came to free him from suicidal ideas in his head.
Then occurred.

A woman in front of his mansion.
A woman who said she had a mission to fulfill.
A woman that assure had the solution.
An unknown voice.
A voice that made ​​him regain control of his life.
She said that had been deceived.
She said that to him the world had betrayed.
Assure him that the money was not the solution.
Assure him that Jesus was their only salvation.

“Money can NOT buy everything.”
“Money can NOT get you out of the mud.”
“Money is a wonderful servant, but if you let rule over you, destroy you completely.”
“Money can buy a bed but not Rest. Joy but not happiness. Sex but not Love. A house but not a home. ”
Most expensive and valuable gifts is NOT called “iPhone”, “jewelry”, or “Automobile”, is called “Time,” Love “and” Life “.
“Money without coverage from God does not bring happiness and ends quickly, the money with coverage from God brings happiness and never ends. ”
“Money can NOT buy the most valuable: Love, Happiness, Time, Peace and Salvation; because the more valuable it is a gift from God. ”
This words confronted his soul.
This words brought a genuine calm.

Dreamed with knowing personally to Jesus.
Dreamed with knowing personally the Light.
Know God was his ultimate dream.
Know God was where he put his best efforts.
Prayer, fasting and vigil.
Prayer, Church and Bible.
He did everything necessary to achieve his desire.
He did everything, and achieve brings peace to his eager.
He made it.

Now he know the truth.
Now he do not live in a world of falsehood.
Now use the money wisely and honestly.
Now enjoy the maximum true prosperity.
Now he is surrounded by objects but also of affection.
Now he is surrounded by things and all seems perfect.
He knows now the key ingredient.
That wich turns dreams into reality and shortages in prosperity.
That wich fills us with true happiness.
That wich gives us Peace, Love and everything that money can not buy.
He now knows to JESUS.

“Almighty God, thank you for reminding me the truth about the deceitfulness of riches, now understand that true prosperity comes from you and not of the world and is not based on my work but on your love for me. I surrender my life to Jesus, Lord please save my economy and cover with the coverage of God, I promise I’ll talk to you daily Precious Holy Spirit, I need your wisdom on my economic life. Amen “

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How to choose a couple without suffering in the process.


Is not Antoninus right for you is Esteban …” 

The words had been very clear and concise.
The words had changed doubts into smiles. 
There is not confused. 
There is not way that she could sink. 
Anyone who had heard would had breathed an air of tranquility. 
Anyone who had heard would had smiled freely. 
But not her.

Its interior was restless, insecure, doubting it all.
Their interior was filled with something mysterious and dark as mud.
Would it be so hard to trust?
Would it be so hard to be guided?
if it were someone else is would understand her indecision,
if it were someone else is would understand her confusion.
But it was He.
He never wrong.
He never lie or is disrupted.
But she seemed to ignore that reality.
But she seemed to despise the truth.
“I need a confirmation.”
“I need to have it that my hearth desires.”
She cried out at the sky totally out of control.
She cried at the sky with complete despair.
Even knowing the abyss where she was.
Even knowing who  was speaking to her.
Folly? Fear the Future?
Lack of Faith? Rebellion nonsense?
Seemed possessed by something stronger than her.
Seemed possessed by a being who ruled over her.
Had fallen into the trap that kills the conscience.

Had fallen into the trap of self-sufficiency.

But the love of He be greatest that all together.
But the Love of He exceeded any hidden spirit. 
“Is not Antoninus, the right for you is Esteban …” -. repeated softly 
But she obvious the words 
But she pretended not listening.
“He help me because He love me … ” 
“He help me because He have the power to unite souls.” 
“I’ll show that I can do for myself.” 
“I’ll show that  i have beauty and charisma.”
Smiling with elegance is proposed to fulfill their cherished desires. 
Smiling with elegance sought to set fire on water as Elisha. 
She choose the wrong man. 
She choose her own desires above what was right. 
Figth against the establishment. 
Figth in favor of what she had decided. 
Figth to tears without getting what wanted.
Now she weeps bitterly. 
Now she screaming with rage that pervades the atmosphere. 
Now put the blame of all on who longed only care for your heart, body and mind.

“Why are you allowed such a thing?” 
“Because it allows them to use me like anything?” 
“Why are you with me? 
“Why the cruelty of this harsh punishment?” 
“Is this your great love?” 
“Is this a great protection?
Then it happened.

“Why do desobey me?”
“Did not answer the question you asked me?”
“Was it difficult to accomplish what you hear from my lips.?
“Do not happen exactly what you ask me?”
“Let me do it myself.” You said.
“You put your own desires above all that exists.”
“And now enjoy the rewards of everything you wanted. “
The words shook completely her soul.
The words confronted her apparent calm.
In an instant she realized what happened.
In an instant it all have sense.
Bend knees and asked for forgiveness.
Bend knees and surrendered his heart again.
Now obey with passion.
Now enjoy the full blessing.
Now obey faithfully to God.
Now already know to who say “welcome”, and who say “goodbye”.
She discover the key of the life.
She discover that it disobeyed to God is a total suicidal act.


If I knew exactly what I will fail in the future if I take certain decision, be stupid and foolishness choose that decision, it would be an suicide for my success. If I knew exactly what I will have emotional success in the future if I choose a certain person, it would be stupid and foolish not to choose that person, it would be an suicide for my emotional success. If I knew exactly what business will succeed, that decision will achieve my most intimate desires, and that way to avoid an assault, be really stupid to not lead my life based on what I already know will bring me blessing. That is precisely what God offers us, showing us our future, guide without mistakes, avoiding pain and waste of time. God knows the desires of your heart so deeply that knows what really satisfy every area of your life. This fact allows us to rest in His love and freely allow that He guided our lives.

Self-sufficiency and disobedience are true suicidal acts that take us away from our blessing and success in life. Obeying to God we literally opens the doors of success and rest, because it prevents we fail again and again meaningless and because it removes the burden and fear of making wrong decisions. A wise decision can take you from prison to the throne, from slavery to freedom, from scarcity to abundance and from disease to health. The success of Moses, Paul, Jose, or JesusChrist, was the same. They obeyed to God. There proofs that God allows to build character, but others are just the consequence of our bad decisions. A lot crises are the result of disobedience, God always answers, but we do not always obey Him. Obey is the key to move fast and painless on the way to our beautiful and powerful purpose in life.



James 2:23 – ” And the scripture was fulfilled which saith, Abraham believed God and it was counted for righteousness: and he was called the friend of God “ 

The hard part is not listening to God, but to obey. ‘ve learned that there is a time in our life where God leads us in a more “intense” way, a period in which God tests our fidelity giving odd jobs to make , tasks as simple as I wake up at 3 am and He said me: ” Come, let’s talk now … “ or as complex as ” would design a website on the platform “SnackT”, will be blue and orange, invests advertising in this place, you will use 100 dollars a day and will not modify this value, and never you publisher this project on tumblr.” Just like that, God speaks and we must obey, and although at first not understand anything, then I thanking with tears in my eyes, the glorious result of believing. God spoke to you whatever, whenever and wherever, why? because there is a period of intense blessing on your life that is released by obey every strange Divine order. It is a avalanche of blessing.


Disciples also faced this period “… go to that city, and in the first house you will find a colt tied, untie it and bring me …”, “go fishing and the first fish that serves have a coin in your mouth, use it to pay our taxes …” wow, that if it was weird but provoking intense blessing. “I want that you to take Isaac, your beloved and only son and go to the mountains that I will tell you later, to offer him in sacrifice … “ Abraham obeyed God, even when not quite understand anything or see any purpose in such divine order, and therefore received intense blessing on his life that no other human being has received, and most extraordinary: it was called FRIEND OF GOD . That’s the key to everything. The obedience to God makes us to get to form a relationship with Him of FRIENDSHIP , and bless us intensely, step without further pain or failures that make us waste time and resources. Choose partner is NOT about of “success”, charisma or emotional suffering thousands of times, is about asking God and obey Him. Disobedience is a suicidal act but the obedience is the gateway to the level of FRIENDS OF GOD.

Do not commit fornication, do not support homosexuality, abortion nor marijuana, Forgive all offenses and not pretend that your ideal couple is an unbeliever. Obey His written Word and the next time that God guided you to do something illogical and strange, fulfill it without fear, because it just means that your period of intense blessing and friendship with the Creator, is close to start. And remember, now you know, how choosing a couple without suffering in the process.

“God forgive me for disobeying you and waste the intense blessings that you have for my life, today I promise You to ask my questions and wait Your wise and perfect answer, longing to be blessed, today I receive Jesus as my only Savior and complete Owner of my existence, promise daily talk with You Precious Holy Spirit, I know that you have answers for my life. Amen “

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The story of love and betrayal more brutal you’ve heard in your life.


“Heavenly Father, thank you that despite the difficult 2013, I held your hand and saved me from death, since I’m still here today. Sorry if in the middle of the proof me away from you, but today Dear Lord, I desire you with all my heart. This 2014 will be different because You have said it will be different, and I believe it, you said that unexpected miracles will occur in the world and I believe You. Today I give you my 2014 and my life, please guide me, and save me from all harm. Thank you Jesus for dying for me on the cross, confess you’re my only Saviour and my only way to heaven. Today I ask you to receive my life, i will be your follower forever, and I promise speak daily with You Precious Holy Spirit, Amen.”

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What they have in common Justin Bieber, Steve Jobs, the Apostle Paul and the ex-virgin Mary.


“Boy, God will never use someone like you” . The man was angry, and his bony finger pointed me mercilessly. The sentence was succinct, incisive, categorical. His German accent was more pronounced than ever, perhaps because the nervousness dug into its deepest roots. That pastor was angry, but his sentence would mortgage my future for a long time. A phrase like that, just makes a boy of fifteen think definitely is a failure. Which just say this German patriarch is some truth: not applied for great team play at God. Since I was twelve I had a big problem with food, mixed with the inevitable growth of adolescence. I could consume a cocktail of vitamins, but could do nothing to fatten a paltry pound. My legs were literally those of a uterus or an ostrich. A prominent nose and bulging eyes, ended up completing the menu to turn me into someone totally introverted with an inner world into chaos. Do not belittle what I try say you, only those who have been in this season of life, can remember with a bitter smile. These ugly spectacles that transformed you into an unpopular and obnoxious smartass. That belly protruding over his belt, though you tried to hide it by standing right and lifting the chin. These irregular yellow teeth (I know it’s unpleasant, but help me to remember), special shoes for flat feet. The huge ears that could not crush or hide with hair. Braces on teeth possessed, that stupid stuttering when going to speak in public, and these grains, oh, those terrorists who had proposed ruin your face and the rest of your reputation. Been there?, If you recognize that bitter place of dislocation and esteem shattered, probably still smiling with an air of pain and homesickness. I still remember my nickname at the secondary level, it bothered me, showed me to fire every time I uttered. My physical structure was so weak, so fragile, they named me ‘Dead’ . When choosing equipment for a sports showdown nobody wanted to ‘Dead’ among their ranks. – “He does not even know run.” – “Is not that he not know, he can not … already died, looks pale, there has not color.”

When the jokes, a chubby with shattered esteem, and the “Dead” were the perfect target for teasing. But the worst came to the summer, three long months of torture and feverish. I had to think how not wear shorts. These much more accentuated my pale and spindly legs. A complexed would never care if it gets too hot, the long sleeves were the refuge of a skeletal arms. The abundant clothing always seems to protect from acid jokes or the prying eyes of others. If to that you add the pathetic sentence of a pastor who, in anger, pointed with his index and reminds you that you are out of God’s team, then you are not living, you only survive. If at fifteen, everyone you know, thinks you’re “dead”, you have not a encouraging future. Fortunately, the story says that many “dead” people decided to change their fate:

Tomas Alba Edison.
Isaac Newton.
Justin Bieber.
Apostle Pedro.
Michael Jordan.
Nick Vujicik.
Dante Gebel.
Kathryn Kuhlman.
Apostle Pablo.
Tiger Woods.
Warren Buffet.
Donald Trump.
Martin Lutero.
Steve Jobs.
Mary, the ex virgin. And many more…

All have a common denominator. All were unknown, a few “nobodies” and were “dead” until Someone pushed them to believe. Even in the smaller cities, there are people who have managed to excel despite many disadvantages, but all success stories have similar things between them. The issue of the Faith. Is impossible to reach the top without believing in God.

I confess the basis of my lifestyle: when the world say me: “that’s impossible to achieve, it would be madness to try it!” – I smile and say to myself  – “I’m going on the right track …” - I am a man who believes. I am a man who has no fear of the future because God will be there with me. ‘m a man of faith. I dare say and do what almost no one else dares. So today I say to you, seeing you to your eyes and without the slightest fear:

You can change your 2014.


-Someday I’ll be a knight of the king.” – says the blond boy as he watches a military parade. – “Ha ha ha! A gentleman? The son of a roofer wants to be a gentleman!” – ” scoffs a rather old and annoying neighbor, by the dreams of a child too ambitious – “would be easier to change the stars, rather than you be a gentleman.” Child feels the dagger of the common sense running through it. Logic says that he has not noble blood, Is the son of a roofer, just a repair of leaks.

However has a hope, weak, but hope nonetheless. ‘s the boxer who lost in every assault, but he plays one more. – “Will I someday change the stars?” – asks to your father . – “Whenever you want, you can change your star.” – replies the wise roofer. The film is titled ‘Heart of Nobleman’ and tells the story of someone who was able to change his fate, he fought with common sense. Must have been a roofer, but preferred longing to be a knight. He enlisted in the fighting as if it were a nobleman, achieved many victories, that when they discover that no noble blood, is too popular, too champion. And a king gives you the real title of merit. A Lionheart changing your future though he were “dead”.

You can change your 2014. Although people ensure that you were born to fail. Although “luck” seems not to be on your side, and call you the “black sheep” of the family, and you have failed earlier in the business world or in the controversial world of love, and yet the world has the gall to declare you ‘dead’, I assure you that you can change your 2014, because Jesus loves you and that really changes everything.

Success is nothing more than a product of our closeness to God. ‘s making the work, allowing us to be part of it. Perhaps the hard life provokes you a slight remoteness from God, but now you can go back to his feet and completely make yours the 2014. God does not use the “Perfect”, He uses men and women who dare to believe in Him, and the biggest proof are those people who like Justin Bieber, the Apostle Paul, the Virgin Mary or Isaac Newton, did extraordinary things in a world that declared them “dead”, but for Someone they was ALIVE. Although the world has told you “failed”, “without future” and “dead”, Someone tells you today that you be wonderfully ALIVE and you have an extraordinary future. That Someone is God. God is the One who chooses and He will chose you and your well know. Somewhere inside of you is that sacred flame, divine, to know that you born for much of what you is living now, and yearn conquer all world for Jesus Christ. He will train you, He will guide you towards the top of your purpose on earth, and even more, leading you to eternal life.

Now, stop for a moment.
I may not express myself well: no I asked you some attention, I want ALL of your attention.
Carefully read.
Forever alone.
Prisoner in the dark cell of the complex.
Sentenced by the bony finger of a leader without mercy.
I want you to understand what I’m going to tell you.
Close your fist hard because you’ll change your 2014.
Close your fist tightly until almost feel that can sink the nails into your palm. Never forget these words: you have a hearth of Nobleman, you possess the sacred flame. The sword of the Great King sits on your right shoulder and has to change your future forever. Now, listen to the words of God over your life.
One by one.
Memorize them forever.
Transform them into your slogan, your shield in battle:

You were born with an extraordinary purpose.
With Jesus all things are possible.
You can change your 2014.

“Heavenly Father, thank you that despite the difficult 2013, I held your hand and saved me from death, since I’m still here today. Sorry if in the middle of the proof me away from you, but today Dear Lord, I desire you with all my heart. This 2014 will be different because You have said it will be different, and I believe it, you said that unexpected miracles will occur in the world and I believe You. Today I give you my 2014 and my life, please guide me, and save me from all harm. Thank you Jesus for dying for me on the cross, confess you’re my only Saviour and my only way to heaven. Today I ask you to receive my life, I promise you speak daily with You Precious Holy Spirit, Amen.”

You will change your 2014.

“Modified and extended Abstract from Book of Dante Gebel “The Champion Code.”

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The ‘whatsapp’ that became my worst Christmas in the happiest of the 21st century.


That day arrived.
I wished that the day had disappeared from the calendar.
I wished that time was the lead quickly.
I pretended to live as if this day does not exist.
I pretended to ignore all the “Merry Christmas” from my Twitter timeline.
But it was useless.
Such “expected” day appeared.
Such “expected” day that just remember my solitude and scarcity.
24th was not special to me, much less “magical.”
24th was not significant in any way.
It was just another day in my chaotic and lonely life.
It was just a day of noise and false joy.
I confess that the day no longer cared to me.
I confess that the day had no sense to me.
The world seemed to enjoy it but I just wanted to circumvent it.
The world seemed to have fun but I was in crisis.
It was the worst Christmas of the 21st century.

“Merry Christmas” they shouted in social networks.
“Happy Holidays” published on Facebook.
While their children burned their money spending on firecrackers.
While business motive me to buy “last minute gifts.”
Many were waiting with joy but not me.
I had no money, no friends and was alone.
I had no gifts, no health and was extremely boring.
I had no reason to celebrate.
I had no reason to laugh or make a toast.
I thought everything was a waste of time.
I thought just wait for the street noise go away.
I thought not be a bad idea to try to kill myself.
But something changed everything.
Someone transform the worst Christmas of the 21st century.

Enter a text message to my cell.
Enter a whatsapp.
Jesus was born on earth and saved us from eternal death.”
“Jesus was born and so there joy, so there’s Christmas!”
Those words made ​​something inside mi.
Those words aroused my curiosity that saved my life.

What relationship does Christmas with religion?
Research on the Internet. Probe. See in Wikipedia.
Investigate what until that day had just heard.
Birth, death and resurrection.
Joy, hope and salvation.
I wanted to discover the truth and especially that the life sing me a new song.
I wanted to find a less sad song .
Then occurred.

“Fear not, I love you and have a wonderful plan for you”
“Fear not, the best of your life is close to start.”
His voice grief my soul.
His voice gave me answers.
“Fear not, 2013 2013 years ago I came to earth to give you eternal life.”
“Fear not, your future is guaranteed in Me. I will provide you, I will protect you and introduce you, to your ideal couple.”
“Fear not, the most important of your life can not be bought, it is My gift.”
His voice gave meaning to my life.
His voice gave meaning to my Christmas .

I found that NOT needed money to prove my worth.
I found that not need to “fashion” to be modern and hip.
I found that if I had it to Him, I had everything.
I found there was hope for my world.
That actually gave me the true HAPPINESS.

I discovered that 24th means NO gifts or holiday. Nor liquor, offers or a bearded red dress. Christmas means Jesus.
I discovered that 24th is NOT about poor people. NOT about the family. NOT about offers and gifts. Christmas is about Jesus.
I discovered that my happiness depended not of money, or people who had around me. My happiness depended on JESUS.
I discovered that the best Christmas gifts is NOT call it “jewelry”, “car” or “iphone”, is called “family”, “life” and “salvation.”
I discovered that God already gave me the best Christmas gift: His own Son.
I discovered that the best, unique and true gift of Christmas, is called Jesus.
I discovered that Someone really loved me, without limits and unconditional, just LOVE.

For the first time in my life I felt peace.
For the first time in my life I felt Happy.
For the first time in my life I felt Freedom.
Now I do not need anything or anyone to be happy.
Now I do not need material things to feel good.

That day arrived.
I wished the day would have remained forever in the calendar.
I wished that the time be stopped.
I pretended to live full of fatalism, anger and depression.
I pretended avoid writing “Merry Christmas” in my social networks.
But it was useless.
Joy filled my senses and my soul.
I already knew the true meaning of Christmas and wanted to tell to the world.
This is the most real and genuine Christmas of my life.
This is the happiest Christmas of the 21st century.

Because Jesus is Christmas.


“Fear not, for I bring you good news of great joy that will be for everyone, disease, famine and death have been defeated, because this day born in the city of David a Saviour, which is Christ ( Messiah) the Lord. This will be a sign: you will find a Child wrapped in swaddling clothes and lying in a manger.”

What gift you give to Jesus on Christmas?

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