The combat between Steve Jobs, aristotle, budha and Jesus.


Steve Jobs, Aristotle and budha

The ring was carefully prepared. The stadium was completely full, people were willing to sell all property owned as long as to buy a ticket to the event of the century, never in the history of humanity had seen anything like this. But I do not wonder. Scientific inventiveness of Steve Jobs with its revolutionary iPhone, the extraordinary philosophical and humanistic knowledge of Aristotle and the ideology of occultism, esotericism and religiosity of Buddha, were united to cope with Jesus of Nazareth. At last would know who was stronger, wiser and especially who was the best.

Steve Jobs made his triumphal entry. The atmosphere was deafening. Millions of cell glowed in the dark as a tribute to the man that would revolutionize the way people interact with the phone. A stage rumble ovation for several minutes, the voices would not stop. It was not long in joining , Aristotle and the ovation continued with the same intensity. Universities singing his name while the light rested on the door which would enter the last character of unprecedented threesome. A man dressed as a monk walking slowly made ​​its appearance in the ring, people had their sights set on he in the same time of his face was discovery and the lights lit up him; then he shouted the words: “all you are gods.” The shouting did not take long and humanity appeared to lose all control for what seemed like more than five minutes. The world collapsed in noise.


Suddenly a silence flooded the atmosphere. Jesus of Nazareth made ​​his appearance, without entrances, or flowing robes, quietly and peaceful, without anyone announcing just appeared on stage. A large majority of viewers wondered “who was this man.” The seconds seemed like an eternity until finally the narrator start his words accustomed. “Tonight we have a meeting that marked forever the course of humanity, finally we will know who is the best!”

This time the noise was no comparison, no human apparatus could measure the volume of what happened at that moment. “Tonight clashed four men, four truths, four doctrines: the humanist philosophy, the occult religious and scientific innovation demonstrate their highest qualities of combat … with …” The commenter seemed search through your notes who was actually the fourth man, who had quality, to which human branch represented? Scientific? Humanist? Religious? not appear in any branch known. He had to improvise. “And we have the” mysterious and misunderstood Jesus of Nazareth “. The world callus. None LIKE  was given. None RT or comment was made. No voice was raised on the earth.

The combat begin

The commenter gulped and ruled the start of combat. The expectation was awesome. The world’s media were there. All social networks spoke of the same thing. There was no human being on the face of the planet who was not watching the outcome of this fight. The bell rang. Scientific theories began to show its truth. The philosophy also shouted his truth. The occult religious recited numerous old scriptures trying to defend himself, each one trying to shout louder than the other. The first to fall was the humanist philosophy, bombed by irrefutable scientific facts. Hatred seemed to consume the ring while religious occultism gave a heavy sigh. Only someone keep silent. A smile was on his face. He seemed to know in advance the outcome of the deafening combat. Suddenly directs his eyes to heaven and said: “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life: no man cometh unto the Father but by Me.” Then just turned to see them all and clearly said “I love you.” Something happened. Suddenly only He would stand in the ring. Without hatred or violent weapons had destroyed them all. His only presence seemed to emanate a power beyond the incomprehensible. It was really supernatural. It was Love.

The combat was over. Love won.

Nobody on the planet thought the obvious. Scientists, philosophy and religion were represented by just human beings. That ring did not have four men, had only three. The Fourth is GOD.

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The solution to every problem of the world is Jesus. The religion, politics, science and philosophy have strong limitations and do not have the power to transform hearts and heal the world of hatred, malice and falsehood. The change we need is not a political strategy, had more technology around us, possess more material goods or money in banks, nor much less start a third world war, the unique solution is Jesus. The crisis, scarcity, and the disease is nothing more than the result of our separation from God, as we return to Him, life and happiness back to earth. We have a big mental problem: when we say JESUS​​, people immediately think of a human being, powerful and healer but human being. Atheists fail to cross the threshold of the supernatural and understand that who was born of Mary’s virginal womb was God Himself, His essence, Your image, Your everything. Maybe now you understand better because of the Resurrection: without her Jesus had remained as a simple human being in the eyes of humanity, a simple martyr who died for a cause, but he RESURRECTED! That’s the key that saves: His resurrection. Without her JESUS ​​is a martyr, an ancient sage or a “good man”, but with her, it shows who He said to be: YOUR savior; without him can not do nothing, but with Him all things are possible. Heaven or hell. Accept or reject Jesus.

Jesus was resurrected and that changes everything.

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The hell angry, the heaven depressed and the earth in party.


The hell angry

It is the worst day in the history of hell. The devil is visibly upset, his face denotes anger such that the same demons prefer not to approach, and with good reason, has just learned that he has his days numbered.

His reign came to an end. But perhaps that what he have so angry is the “method” to out it from game of life, could have sent an army of deadly warriors or a squadron of bloodthirsty barbarians, but … a baby? It was an insult to him. A defenseless baby would end his evil empire?

But the devil did not know what that “helpless” baby could do, and even more, who supported Him and Cared.

Anyway, all the kingdom of darkness was nervous, and expecting the worst. The atmosphere was full of rage and deep anger began to fill the senses; within they knew the truth, the truth that murdered his future and his thirst for conquest: they were destined to die, his mission of destruction would abruptly nipped in the bud. It was the worst day in the history of hell.

The governing board of hell ordered the death of the baby, even imagining that the inevitable would happen. The devil is angry, wishing that day would never come into existence.


The Heaven depressed

While in Heaven, The Almighty had given an order to do silence, any instrument or praise was sung. His closest friends showed confused, they had never seen Him so depressed, even the angel Gabriel claimed that heard Him mourn.

There was no joy in heaven that day. But with good reason, the trip was imminent and the journey that should go not included in the records. It was a suicidal act, yes, could not be called otherwise, was a ruthless way to kill himsellf. No one had gone there before, no one had dared to start such adventure, no one had dared to even consider such journey; no one except He. Leave the Throne, the streets of gold and the crystal sea, leaving the Royals, change the known into the unknown, the luxury by poverty, heavenly by it human, life by death.

Father can no longer speak. The Son either. There is fear in their hearts, but not from the fear that the trip failed, that was impossible, the father had already decreed the total and absolute victory and his word is irrevocable, no, fear was precisely because they knew that the decree would be fulfilled 100%. The child leaves the Throne, the streets of gold and the crystal sea, leaves the comfort, peace and love that have in heaven and changes it to the discomfort of becoming human and live surrounded by hate and fear. Change the known for the unknown, the luxury by poverty, life by death.

The Heaven is silent. It is the first time in history heavenly, that the angels cry instead of laughing, the rainbow around the throne now lost their colors and shown in black and white, the heavenly court is sad, the king walks a strange but absolutely necessary journey, a journey filled with pain, loneliness and death. The Son is the first to break the silence: “I’ll miss you my Father, I can talk to you every day?” Father nods silently and presses him to himself in a deep embrace, the air is filled with pure love, is a literal explosion of Love.

“Not is a goodbye, it’s just a ‘see you soon’ and you know that … we must save them.” said the Father between sobs of pain. His Beloved Son will face the unknown alone, pay the price required, save what nobody wants to save, fight for what we all think that it is worth it. Jesus will descend to earth. God dwell among His creation and the sky is depressed. Perhaps because knows it will not be a pleasure trip.


The earth in Party

But ironically on earth everything looks different. There is party. Yes, an extraordinary joy corrodes the sense of the people, there is fuss in cities, colored lights and hugs are spread everywhere, families gather to sing songs and laugh with euphoria, there is a cry of joy full of hope; and no wonder; the Savior has come to earth.

The earth is only able to see it from their perspective. The happiest day of the year on earth, is the saddest day in Heaven and on the same day that hell explodes in anger, all depends on the point from where you live. What is certain from any point of view is that all changes that day, from that day nothing would be equal; hell would know that their days are numbered and that no matter what do, the pain and shame of is waiting them, Heaven would show the new standard for true love and God would sacrifice for his creation, on the other hand earth could sing with joy “we are saved, not die eternally, is born our Savior.”

Already we understand three things

1. Because God never established the celebration of the birth of Jesus on earth… because was the saddest day of Heaven. Not was reason for celebration, but for reflection, reason for a genuine thanksgiving for the adoration of most unusual fact of humanity: God Himself would be crucified to save His creation from eternal death, the Savior would be born of a virgin and would receive the name Jesus. The celebration come after…when Jesus would return victorious to heaven after being resurrected! There of course we would have PARTY!

2. That day, satanas died and dark world lost all its power and all the demons tremble in terror before the Name of the Savior. Well understood this reality: satan is vanquished, defeated, finished, destroyed, powerless … that “helpless” baby born in a humble manger, finish with the kingdom of darkness, forever. Since that wonderful day the world had access to heaven again.

3. The Aberration and blasphemy that means to Jesus, post images of a bearded man dressed in red, or a woman “virgin” to whom attributed miracles that only He can do, or worst of all … ignore that the reason of the Celebration is Him; and it is no wonder, we talk about the most significant day of His life.

December arrived and I see no to Jesus for anywhere

Most people who “celebrate” Christmas around the world have no idea what they are celebrating, for most it is just another “halloween”, it’s time to change that. Christmas not mean gifts, vacations or lights of colors. Not mean, illuminated trees, family or liquor. Much less a bearded dress of red. Christmas means Jesus.

NOT about poor people. NOT about spendign time with family. NOT about social or charitable works. NOT about offers and gifts. Christmas is about Jesus.

But the birthday Boy was not invited to the party.

- Everyone talks about Christmas, but hardly anyone talks about Jesus.
- Everyone celebrates Christmas, but almost no one really knows because it does.
- Everyone buys gifts for themselves, but hardly anyone talks about the gift that will give to the birthday Boy.
- Everyone think about convivios, parties and colored lights but not in a Savior born in a manger.
-Everyone expects to “santa claus” and his reindeer, but hardly anyone expected to Jesus and His angels.
- Everyone makes plans to visit their families, but very few make plans to visit Jesus.

It’s time to change that.

If we are to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, do it right. With the attitude of Gratitude and Genuine Worship, making sure of not “start the party” without the birthday Boy and eliminating any idol of “saints”, women “virgin”, or bearded old men in sled, who intend to usurp the place that only He who had the courage and Love to make a real Celestial trip to Save Us, deserve.

Merry Christmas from Heaven.

It is time of a Donation.

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