The combat between Steve Jobs, aristotle, budha and Jesus.


Steve Jobs, Aristotle and budha

The ring was carefully prepared. The stadium was completely full, people were willing to sell all property owned as long as to buy a ticket to the event of the century, never in the history of humanity had seen anything like this. But I do not wonder. Scientific inventiveness of Steve Jobs with its revolutionary iPhone, the extraordinary philosophical and humanistic knowledge of Aristotle and the ideology of occultism, esotericism and religiosity of Buddha, were united to cope with Jesus of Nazareth. At last would know who was stronger, wiser and especially who was the best.

Steve Jobs made his triumphal entry. The atmosphere was deafening. Millions of cell glowed in the dark as a tribute to the man that would revolutionize the way people interact with the phone. A stage rumble ovation for several minutes, the voices would not stop. It was not long in joining , Aristotle and the ovation continued with the same intensity. Universities singing his name while the light rested on the door which would enter the last character of unprecedented threesome. A man dressed as a monk walking slowly made ​​its appearance in the ring, people had their sights set on he in the same time of his face was discovery and the lights lit up him; then he shouted the words: “all you are gods.” The shouting did not take long and humanity appeared to lose all control for what seemed like more than five minutes. The world collapsed in noise.


Suddenly a silence flooded the atmosphere. Jesus of Nazareth made ​​his appearance, without entrances, or flowing robes, quietly and peaceful, without anyone announcing just appeared on stage. A large majority of viewers wondered “who was this man.” The seconds seemed like an eternity until finally the narrator start his words accustomed. “Tonight we have a meeting that marked forever the course of humanity, finally we will know who is the best!”

This time the noise was no comparison, no human apparatus could measure the volume of what happened at that moment. “Tonight clashed four men, four truths, four doctrines: the humanist philosophy, the occult religious and scientific innovation demonstrate their highest qualities of combat … with …” The commenter seemed search through your notes who was actually the fourth man, who had quality, to which human branch represented? Scientific? Humanist? Religious? not appear in any branch known. He had to improvise. “And we have the” mysterious and misunderstood Jesus of Nazareth “. The world callus. None LIKE  was given. None RT or comment was made. No voice was raised on the earth.

The combat begin

The commenter gulped and ruled the start of combat. The expectation was awesome. The world’s media were there. All social networks spoke of the same thing. There was no human being on the face of the planet who was not watching the outcome of this fight. The bell rang. Scientific theories began to show its truth. The philosophy also shouted his truth. The occult religious recited numerous old scriptures trying to defend himself, each one trying to shout louder than the other. The first to fall was the humanist philosophy, bombed by irrefutable scientific facts. Hatred seemed to consume the ring while religious occultism gave a heavy sigh. Only someone keep silent. A smile was on his face. He seemed to know in advance the outcome of the deafening combat. Suddenly directs his eyes to heaven and said: “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life: no man cometh unto the Father but by Me.” Then just turned to see them all and clearly said “I love you.” Something happened. Suddenly only He would stand in the ring. Without hatred or violent weapons had destroyed them all. His only presence seemed to emanate a power beyond the incomprehensible. It was really supernatural. It was Love.

The combat was over. Love won.

Nobody on the planet thought the obvious. Scientists, philosophy and religion were represented by just human beings. That ring did not have four men, had only three. The Fourth of them, be GOD.



The solution to every problem of the world is Jesus. The religion, politics, science and philosophy have strong limitations and do not have the power to transform hearts and heal the world of hatred, malice and falsehood. The change we need is not a political strategy, had more technology around us, possess more material goods or money in banks, nor much less start a third world war, the unique solution is Jesus.

The crisis, scarcity, and the disease is nothing more than the result of our sins and estrangement from God, as we return to Him, the life and happiness will back to the earth. 

We have a big mental problem: when we say JESUS​​, people immediately think of a human being, powerful and healer but human being. Atheists fail to cross the threshold of the supernatural and understand that who was born of Mary’s virginal womb was God Himself, His essence, Your image, Your everything. None religion works, no scientist, philosopher or religious leader has the power, the One that I love you enough to give his own life to die in your place, paying the price for ALL of your sins, and rise again, is Jesus. Maybe now you understand better because of the Resurrection: without her Jesus had remained as a simple human being in the eyes of humanity, a simple martyr who died for a cause, but he RESURRECTED! That’s the key that saves: His resurrection. Without her JESUS ​​is a martyr, an ancient sage or a “good man”, but with her, it shows who He said to be: YOUR savior. Talk with Jesus today, because only He gives us the Happiness, Freedom and Eternal Life. Pray.

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The scientist who joined forever to science and religion.


The Scientific carefully watched the Formula. Nobody had achieved anything like that, had front himself the exact definition, concrete and absolute of mystery of Life. The detail of the project was no history, was too perfect, faultless from any point of view, those who had the privilege of observing such a work, knew that it was much more than numbers and letters combined, divided and subtracted in unison, no, this formula represented everything, from this day nothing would be equal, all subsequent scientists without exception would be based on this extraordinary formula for new inventions and scientific advances, all branches looking in her for answers and for solutions. This Formula was the basis for all the future, was the perfect formula.

All scientific branches watched with deep admiration, attributing undoubtedly awarded “Nobel Science” and “The best scientific innovation”, but any award make happy to him, no, the eminent scientist was moved by something much more sublime, much higher, much more real: LOVE.

The process began before the eyes of all present.

A unique light beam across the stage and four-dimensional objects began to appear from nowhere, created perfectly, and with a detail absolutely beyond anything known. A clear liquid and gas formed by two molecules of hydrogen and one of oxygen, came from heaven, “was called Water” scream the Scientist with satisfaction and front the applause of all present, and that is with good reason, the formula was accurate, precise, error-free and able to produce energy and life. Trees perfectly able to self-replicate themselves through a seed. Animals in heaven, on earth and in the water, each breathing in his own environment and containing their own genetic code unique. The audience could not contain their cries of admiration, was something unique, perfect, and amazingly unique. The crowd approached and watched the Work with their astonished eyes, every detail was so careful, unique and beautiful that let no words to all scientists, even the more critics and judicious; were Inventions simply Perfect. Works of a brilliant mind, unique and beyond anything known.

But the scientist smiled. He had something else, its most precious invention was about to give birth.

The Scientist took their instruments and 155 grm of ground and 1.25 liters of water, his hands were quick and perfect moves like any artist would make it. He approaches to his work and includes a power so sublime that shocked to everyone scientists present, the ambient atmosphere changed radically, could be felt with the hands something different, something that could not be analyzed or framed in a weak branch of science … was LOVE. Suddenly he giving a perfect blow on his work, and this automatically becomes life, the public does not accommodate what your eyes were watching. Cloning Divine? Multiplication of matter? Fourth Dimensional Holographic Modeling? Did not know it exactly, but the scientist had achieved the improbable, the illogical, the supernatural and he had done in the presence of all; He had been cloned Himself in another being and now had an identical being 100% to Him “He’s done to my own image and likeness …” shout the scientist with a cry of joy unprecedented, no volume meter could have analyzed such cry of Victory. “be called human being” said.

This time not a single sigh was heard all over the place, the work was so impressive that no one dared even breathe. Organs, veins, and nerves. Thick, skin and bones, everything was in the perfect place, measured millimeter and with a function unique and unrepeatable. “It will be able to create things like I do ..” said the scientist – the admiring glances of scientific public was unprecedented – “I have set a Brain with myself creative ability in him… and always will be based on the same formula created by Me. Everything created by the human will have My signature, because it will be my PERFECT formula in everything.” No one remained the slightest doubt, he was the Scientific par excellence, and nobody could ever overcome His Work.

The scientific work was completed. God had designed a perfect world and call it “Earth” and the man would be in charge of it. ( Genesis Chapter 1 )

The illogic

It is illogical to say that God is against science when all what scientists have done is discover what God had already created beforehand, (gravity, DNA, the solar system, energy, sound, matter , etc..) and use the elements created by God (fingerprint, carbon, light, radiation, etc.) to design the new invents, using the brain that God gave us precisely to design a world, moral, scientific, human and spiritual advanced.

We currently use the 5% of the brain power and with it we have made ​​tremendous things, now imagine if we used 100% of our brain power? Could move forward by leaps and bounds. How to achieve such a thing? As restore 100% our brain capacity? Restoring our relationship with God. God created a perfect human being with a brain level of 100%, we are made ​​in His image and His likeness, but something altered that perfection: the sin. When the first humans chose the pride over His relationship with God, the consequence was the loss of that longed cerebral perfection: now we get older, our brain deteriorates as we meet years and only have access to that 5%. The greatest scientific advances are stored at that 95%, so it is vital to choose again between pride and our relationship with God, but this time choose the correct option. The future of humanity depends on it.


The Truth

ALL creation is a perfect work of Genetics, Mathematics and Science, which shows that is GOD the Scientific for excellence. Persons who intend to choose between religion and science, only show that NOT know any of the two, for they are inseparable. The Science brings you closer to God, fanaticism takes you away from God. We need a humanity that research and not just criticize and condemn, urges an intelligent human being to stop withdrawing into tiny squares called “atheism”, “philosophy”, “religion”… , and stop fighting with other humans because the square to which “belongs” is other, and together as a true human race that living together on the same planet, investigate and find the answers we need, when we do this we will know the truth and the truth we will make Free. Imagine if we could talk without criticism, prejudice, fanaticism, pride, mockery and insults? Having a scientific conversation full of Love, between religious, atheists and philosophers?

It’s amazing that having world events attesting the power of God, many people still do not even know. Imagine I want to know the Truth of Life … would know it if I see only one religious channel day and night? NO. I can knowing if I only see news day and night? NO. Any true scientist knows that it needs to investigate all sources for find a reality. All that comes out of that is fanaticism. See this: the religious speak only good things of religion and despised to science, and atheists only speak well of what they believe and despise everything related to religion… and then how I can get the REAL version of the facts? INVESTIGATING ALL SOURCES. Anyone that Investigate, find the truth and the truth will make him Free.

GOD is Scientist and not religious.
GOD is the source of Wisdom and Science.
GOD is the creator of physics, mathematics and any science, since they are reflected in all creation.

In fact if mankind returns to the feet of Jesus, science would advance faster and more wisely and NOT as slow as it has done until today, not only would advance further in an area (Science) but ALL areas, achieving a real and complete humanity advanced. The fact of only advance in the area of science NOT takes us forward because we stay delayed in Love, Relationships, Morality and Spirituality, this deficiency brings chaos, this is completely testable in the 21st century world.

Religion NOT refuse to Science because you’d be rejecting GOD.

Science NOT reject GOD because you need Him.

It’s time to leave us the crap and realize that science and God are one. And if religion rejects scientific innovation, let them, but God is Creator and a complete Scientific and what is more… Science without GOD not ever reach its true potential.

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