The combat between Steve Jobs, aristotle, budha and Jesus.


Steve Jobs, Aristotle and budha

The ring was carefully prepared. The stadium was completely full, people were willing to sell all property owned as long as to buy a ticket to the event of the century, never in the history of humanity had seen anything like this. But I do not wonder. Scientific inventiveness of Steve Jobs with its revolutionary iPhone, the extraordinary philosophical and humanistic knowledge of Aristotle and the ideology of occultism, esotericism and religiosity of Buddha, were united to cope with Jesus of Nazareth. At last would know who was stronger, wiser and especially who was the best.

Steve Jobs made his triumphal entry. The atmosphere was deafening. Millions of cell glowed in the dark as a tribute to the man that would revolutionize the way people interact with the phone. A stage rumble ovation for several minutes, the voices would not stop. It was not long in joining , Aristotle and the ovation continued with the same intensity. Universities singing his name while the light rested on the door which would enter the last character of unprecedented threesome. A man dressed as a monk walking slowly made ​​its appearance in the ring, people had their sights set on he in the same time of his face was discovery and the lights lit up him; then he shouted the words: “all you are gods.” The shouting did not take long and humanity appeared to lose all control for what seemed like more than five minutes. The world collapsed in noise.


Suddenly a silence flooded the atmosphere. Jesus of Nazareth made ​​his appearance, without entrances, or flowing robes, quietly and peaceful, without anyone announcing just appeared on stage. A large majority of viewers wondered “who was this man.” The seconds seemed like an eternity until finally the narrator start his words accustomed. “Tonight we have a meeting that marked forever the course of humanity, finally we will know who is the best!”

This time the noise was no comparison, no human apparatus could measure the volume of what happened at that moment. “Tonight clashed four men, four truths, four doctrines: the humanist philosophy, the occult religious and scientific innovation demonstrate their highest qualities of combat … with …” The commenter seemed search through your notes who was actually the fourth man, who had quality, to which human branch represented? Scientific? Humanist? Religious? not appear in any branch known. He had to improvise. “And we have the” mysterious and misunderstood Jesus of Nazareth “. The world callus. None LIKE  was given. None RT or comment was made. No voice was raised on the earth.

The combat begin

The commenter gulped and ruled the start of combat. The expectation was awesome. The world’s media were there. All social networks spoke of the same thing. There was no human being on the face of the planet who was not watching the outcome of this fight. The bell rang. Scientific theories began to show its truth. The philosophy also shouted his truth. The occult religious recited numerous old scriptures trying to defend himself, each one trying to shout louder than the other. The first to fall was the humanist philosophy, bombed by irrefutable scientific facts. Hatred seemed to consume the ring while religious occultism gave a heavy sigh. Only someone keep silent. A smile was on his face. He seemed to know in advance the outcome of the deafening combat. Suddenly directs his eyes to heaven and said: “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life: no man cometh unto the Father but by Me.” Then just turned to see them all and clearly said “I love you.” Something happened. Suddenly only He would stand in the ring. Without hatred or violent weapons had destroyed them all. His only presence seemed to emanate a power beyond the incomprehensible. It was really supernatural. It was Love.

The combat was over. Love won.

Nobody on the planet thought the obvious. Scientists, philosophy and religion were represented by just human beings. That ring did not have four men, had only three. The Fourth of them, be GOD.



The solution to every problem of the world is Jesus. The religion, politics, science and philosophy have strong limitations and do not have the power to transform hearts and heal the world of hatred, malice and falsehood. The change we need is not a political strategy, had more technology around us, possess more material goods or money in banks, nor much less start a third world war, the unique solution is Jesus.

The crisis, scarcity, and the disease is nothing more than the result of our sins and estrangement from God, as we return to Him, the life and happiness will back to the earth. 

We have a big mental problem: when we say JESUS​​, people immediately think of a human being, powerful and healer but human being. Atheists fail to cross the threshold of the supernatural and understand that who was born of Mary’s virginal womb was God Himself, His essence, Your image, Your everything. None religion works, no scientist, philosopher or religious leader has the power, the One that I love you enough to give his own life to die in your place, paying the price for ALL of your sins, and rise again, is Jesus. Maybe now you understand better because of the Resurrection: without her Jesus had remained as a simple human being in the eyes of humanity, a simple martyr who died for a cause, but he RESURRECTED! That’s the key that saves: His resurrection. Without her JESUS ​​is a martyr, an ancient sage or a “good man”, but with her, it shows who He said to be: YOUR savior. Talk with Jesus today, because only He gives us the Happiness, Freedom and Eternal Life. Pray.

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What they have in common Justin Bieber, Steve Jobs, the Apostle Paul and the ex-virgin Mary.


“Boy, God will never use someone like you” . The man was angry, and his bony finger pointed me mercilessly. The sentence was succinct, incisive, categorical. His German accent was more pronounced than ever, perhaps because the nervousness dug into its deepest roots. That pastor was angry, but his sentence would mortgage my future for a long time. A phrase like that, just makes a boy of fifteen think definitely is a failure. Which just say this German patriarch is some truth: not applied for great team play at God. Since I was twelve I had a big problem with food, mixed with the inevitable growth of adolescence. I could consume a cocktail of vitamins, but could do nothing to fatten a paltry pound. My legs were literally those of a uterus or an ostrich. A prominent nose and bulging eyes, ended up completing the menu to turn me into someone totally introverted with an inner world into chaos. Do not belittle what I try say you, only those who have been in this season of life, can remember with a bitter smile. These ugly spectacles that transformed you into an unpopular and obnoxious smartass. That belly protruding over his belt, though you tried to hide it by standing right and lifting the chin. These irregular yellow teeth (I know it’s unpleasant, but help me to remember), special shoes for flat feet. The huge ears that could not crush or hide with hair. Braces on teeth possessed, that stupid stuttering when going to speak in public, and these grains, oh, those terrorists who had proposed ruin your face and the rest of your reputation. Been there?, If you recognize that bitter place of dislocation and esteem shattered, probably still smiling with an air of pain and homesickness. I still remember my nickname at the secondary level, it bothered me, showed me to fire every time I uttered. My physical structure was so weak, so fragile, they named me ‘Dead’ . When choosing equipment for a sports showdown nobody wanted to ‘Dead’ among their ranks. – “He does not even know run.” – “Is not that he not know, he can not … already died, looks pale, there has not color.”

When the jokes, a chubby with shattered esteem, and the “Dead” were the perfect target for teasing. But the worst came to the summer, three long months of torture and feverish. I had to think how not wear shorts. These much more accentuated my pale and spindly legs. A complexed would never care if it gets too hot, the long sleeves were the refuge of a skeletal arms. The abundant clothing always seems to protect from acid jokes or the prying eyes of others. If to that you add the pathetic sentence of a pastor who, in anger, pointed with his index and reminds you that you are out of God’s team, then you are not living, you only survive. If at fifteen, everyone you know, thinks you’re “dead”, you have not a encouraging future. Fortunately, the story says that many “dead” people decided to change their fate:

Tomas Alba Edison.
Isaac Newton.
Justin Bieber.
Apostle Pedro.
Michael Jordan.
Nick Vujicik.
Dante Gebel.
Kathryn Kuhlman.
Apostle Pablo.
Tiger Woods.
Warren Buffet.
Donald Trump.
Martin Lutero.
Steve Jobs.
Mary, the ex virgin. And many more…

All have a common denominator. All were unknown, a few “nobodies” and were “dead” until Someone pushed them to believe. Even in the smaller cities, there are people who have managed to excel despite many disadvantages, but all success stories have similar things between them. The issue of the Faith. Is impossible to reach the top without believing in God.

I confess the basis of my lifestyle: when the world say me: “that’s impossible to achieve, it would be madness to try it!” – I smile and say to myself  – “I’m going on the right track …” - I am a man who believes. I am a man who has no fear of the future because God will be there with me. ‘m a man of faith. I dare say and do what almost no one else dares. So today I say to you, seeing you to your eyes and without the slightest fear:

You can change your 2014.


-Someday I’ll be a knight of the king.” – says the blond boy as he watches a military parade. – “Ha ha ha! A gentleman? The son of a roofer wants to be a gentleman!” – ” scoffs a rather old and annoying neighbor, by the dreams of a child too ambitious – “would be easier to change the stars, rather than you be a gentleman.” Child feels the dagger of the common sense running through it. Logic says that he has not noble blood, Is the son of a roofer, just a repair of leaks.

However has a hope, weak, but hope nonetheless. ‘s the boxer who lost in every assault, but he plays one more. – “Will I someday change the stars?” – asks to your father . – “Whenever you want, you can change your star.” – replies the wise roofer. The film is titled ‘Heart of Nobleman’ and tells the story of someone who was able to change his fate, he fought with common sense. Must have been a roofer, but preferred longing to be a knight. He enlisted in the fighting as if it were a nobleman, achieved many victories, that when they discover that no noble blood, is too popular, too champion. And a king gives you the real title of merit. A Lionheart changing your future though he were “dead”.

You can change your 2014. Although people ensure that you were born to fail. Although “luck” seems not to be on your side, and call you the “black sheep” of the family, and you have failed earlier in the business world or in the controversial world of love, and yet the world has the gall to declare you ‘dead’, I assure you that you can change your 2014, because Jesus loves you and that really changes everything.

Success is nothing more than a product of our closeness to God. ‘s making the work, allowing us to be part of it. Perhaps the hard life provokes you a slight remoteness from God, but now you can go back to his feet and completely make yours the 2014. God does not use the “Perfect”, He uses men and women who dare to believe in Him, and the biggest proof are those people who like Justin Bieber, the Apostle Paul, the Virgin Mary or Isaac Newton, did extraordinary things in a world that declared them “dead”, but for Someone they was ALIVE. Although the world has told you “failed”, “without future” and “dead”, Someone tells you today that you be wonderfully ALIVE and you have an extraordinary future. That Someone is God. God is the One who chooses and He will chose you and your well know. Somewhere inside of you is that sacred flame, divine, to know that you born for much of what you is living now, and yearn conquer all world for Jesus Christ. He will train you, He will guide you towards the top of your purpose on earth, and even more, leading you to eternal life.

Now, stop for a moment.
I may not express myself well: no I asked you some attention, I want ALL of your attention.
Carefully read.
Forever alone.
Prisoner in the dark cell of the complex.
Sentenced by the bony finger of a leader without mercy.
I want you to understand what I’m going to tell you.
Close your fist hard because you’ll change your 2014.
Close your fist tightly until almost feel that can sink the nails into your palm. Never forget these words: you have a hearth of Nobleman, you possess the sacred flame. The sword of the Great King sits on your right shoulder and has to change your future forever. Now, listen to the words of God over your life.
One by one.
Memorize them forever.
Transform them into your slogan, your shield in battle:

You were born with an extraordinary purpose.
With Jesus all things are possible.
You can change your 2014.

“Heavenly Father, thank you that despite the difficult 2013, I held your hand and saved me from death, since I’m still here today. Sorry if in the middle of the proof me away from you, but today Dear Lord, I desire you with all my heart. This 2014 will be different because You have said it will be different, and I believe it, you said that unexpected miracles will occur in the world and I believe You. Today I give you my 2014 and my life, please guide me, and save me from all harm. Thank you Jesus for dying for me on the cross, confess you’re my only Saviour and my only way to heaven. Today I ask you to receive my life, I promise you speak daily with You Precious Holy Spirit, Amen.”

You will change your 2014.

“Modified and extended Abstract from Book of Dante Gebel “The Champion Code.”

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“My name is Steve Jobs, and I am grateful that not abort me.”


“We kill him or you die.”

The alternatives seemed to be too little and else confrontational, as deciding between two deaths? The death of the being she loved or her own death, those were your choices. His mind was completely blocked as craving that everything was a simple nightmare and would awaken at any moment, but not was a nightmare, was the cruel reality, the product of an erotic moment which now showed totally distant. Sitting on the couch of that “clinic” which was not in any direction of Google Earth, knew had before her another decision: her life or the life of the being she most loved on the face of the planet.

“I or him..”
“I or him..”
“I or him..”

It was as if his mind had frozen in time and only sounded the same phrase over and over again, that phrase that no matter of which way you looked, symbolized death. “I or him..” Reminded as days ago a woman approached her to talk about what it meant life, she decided to listen, anyway, had nothing else to do at that time, but the impact was great: the woman speak of a “purpose” and that she had a reason to live, that nothing was “coincidence “and that a wonderful and perfect Plan was written for her. Would have continued if not listening because the woman began to speak of “religion”. She had never attended a “church” did not belong to any of these “fanatics”, nor was interested to hear from all those sects … so pretended to listen a little more and then politely said goodbye and continued their way. But the words was adhered to his soul as if they had an important mission to fulfill before entering the section “forgotten things” from his brain. Again and again, “purpose” … “perfect plan”. Then something shook their being. And if he had a purpose? And if the woman had reason and had a “special mission” to fulfill on earth? How know? Whoever controls that purpose? which will be exactly the purpose of him? scientist? doctor? artist? How know? She also had a purpose wasted at parties and drugs? For the first time in her life, wish with all her heart have continued listening to that woman “religious” and also never have accepted this strange white powder that his “friend” offered at the party … yeah, that powder per which is now possessed of “something” in her womb, although does not know for sure if is a product of violation or passionate love, anyway that “something” moves, that “something” is causing her to make the decision more difficult in all her life. Death hovers near and she knows, one of them not will leave that “clinic” with live. But who?

Suddenly the improbable happened. She was there again. How entry there, or rather BECAUSE entry there? Would be this part of those strange “purposes”? The same woman who a few days ago spoke her of “purposes” and “perfect plans”, this time talk about “Love” and “Faith”, but now she took the firm decision to give it all your attention, anyway was edge of death, at age 17 would become in a coffin or a murderer. “He loves you and everything will be fine. He has a beautiful purpose for him and for you.” The world stopped. How so? How could talk to her about purposes for her and your baby in the same time? Case not know that the only option was to decide between his life and the life of the baby? those were her only options … your only options … or not? “Jesus is life and if you believe He will take care of you and your baby.” It would perhaps his despair? Would be it was the first time she heard words of encouragement and trust in His chaotic world? Or would by the way so sincerely to tell her? She did not know exactly what it was, but decided BELIEVE.

The baby was born. She survived. The doctors were amazed. She knew that God is real.

Today it has been many years since. She checked two things: his own fate depended on the fate of her baby, if she had decided to abort, had lived a life incomplete and meaningless, because it was never “coincidence” her pregnancy, her own blessing came wrapped in her own womb, in a package called “baby.” That baby was bringing with him Love, Prosperity and Blessing that belonged to her. She saw her baby becoming a man, scientist and inventor. His son’s name is Steve Jobs and is “the inventor of the revolutionary iPhone”, and she had been the bearer of that “technological revolution”. Steve Jobs’s mother smiled and thanked God for showing the world that all the “fetus” have a beautiful Divine Purpose to fulfill.

Destruction of science, technology and miracles

In every abortion eliminate our future. Science, technology, miracles, planet earth … is severely negatively affected, because these babies who are not born, because they could have been the key to our future. And if Albert Einstein had been killed in an abortion? And if Mother Teresa of Calcutta would have been aborted? And if the mother of the Apostle Paul had decided not to give birth? And if you had been killed (a) in an abortion? the repercussions of a murder have no human measurement because are endless. Change drastically the entire future.

The lack of more scientific advances, the lack of more Miracles makers, the lack of Love, lack of environmental resources, is largely due to abortions. We are killing the people that God sends us with the mission to help us transform the planet and our society.

Life VS death

The abortion means death and God means LIFE. He is life and all things opposite of life is not good for us and does not come from Him. The unbelievers say that life exists only until 8 weeks of pregnancy, so you can destroy “anything” that is within your body at that time, but is deeply, terribly wrong. Our problem is about understanding the life, when we come to the revelation that Jesus gives us with Love about Life, is easy to us understand the gravity of abortion.

God decided to create life. From that moment life was done. God speaks and everything is done. The Bible declares that there are things that still do not see but they are already created in the Heart of God and Life is one of them. God designed a purpose for you, exclusive, unique and special, but that purpose was not designed when you were born, or when you turned your 18 or when you received Jesus as your only and sufficient Owner and Savior, your Divine Purpose is designed from before you “show up” in the womb of your mother, since before your parents even think of having you, God already knew you and had a plan for you, your life not start in the womb of your mother, beginning in the Heart of God.

That “stuff”, that “thing” that carries just an hour in the womb of a woman already has Divine purpose, because for GOD that “thing” has LIFE. He already knows his name, his destiny, his specific gift and tracing a wonderful life plan that will transform the whole world; that we can pretend murder that life and pretend everything is fine? That profound reality changes everything. That profound reality is which the world needs to know. We must change our perspective of life, and understand that we can not continue seeing it from our tiny “point of view” because the reality is a million light years from our rational human mind. The concept of therapeutic abortion is just a cheap excuse for free abortion.

003Owner of my body

The owner of our life is God and NOT us. Understanding that reality is the solution to very many taboos: drug addiction, fornication, masturbation, abortion, prostitution, sex change, body modifications … and many more. Understand that we are not our own masters but were created and then purchased at the price of blood, radically changes our treatment with this exquisite engineering called Body. The baby also has a “right on his body.” The problem is that we still think with pride in ourselves not with Wisdom. Hardly anyone is willing to love someone more than yourself. The war, abortion and drugs only pretending to be solutions to our problems, while still killing our future and the human race. The problem is not abortion, but sexual immorality, the problem is not divorce but lack of love, the problem is not the crisis but our estrangement from God.

Believe or not believe

The excuses vary, but very many are focused on the impossibility of sustaining the development of the new baby, but that is not called shortage, nor fear, is called incredulity. The lack of FAITH prevents me from understanding the reality of God in my life, blindfolded my eyes from His provision, Love and Protection over the new baby and my life. What is the difference between the teenager who decides to have the baby, marrying with the father of the baby, keep love in his heart and start step by step a new life in Jesus, and on the other side, a woman who decides to kill the fruit of her womb , forget the baby’s father, holding a grudge in your heart and start stepping a life without Jesus? FAITH. That’s the difference, one dared to believe and see His glory, the other will die without knowing that God is Power and Love.

If all women wait to “be ready” financially, emotionally and familiarly to have a baby would stop more than 75% of pregnancies each year. Ask your mom if she was “ready” to have you? ask him to women around you if not were afraid of giving birth and face a lot of expenses that at the time was impossible? and yet you and the children of these women are here today, changing the future of the world. The abortion does not free you of being a mother, just makes you the mother of a dead child. A child destined by God to transform our future. The woman always has the option of becoming a mom … or a murderer.

And if Jesus had been aborted by Maria?

The devil wanted from the start to avoid the birth of the Messiah, the enemy wanted that Maria abort the birth process. This is said easy but is extremely difficult to assimilate: if the birth of Jesus had been aborted, we did not have New Testament, Salvation, Forgiveness of sins, much less eternal life. You could say: “God take care of Jesus, and He never would have allowed his untimely death.” But think of something: God’s Will is the millions of abortions performed each year? Shall God not cares for these babies? God spoke to Jesus’s parents by dreams for these to go to Egypt until Herod died, thus avoiding the death of Jesus. But what would happen if Jose ignore that prophetic dream? would have happened if Mary decides to go anyway to Israel? What if they both agree on disobey or to assume that it was only “a dream” and that not came from God? GOD SPEAKS BUT YOU DECIDE OBEY.

You decide to BELIEVE? You decide to save another Steve Jobs? Decide to become those people that provoke human progress? Decide to know the love and power of Jesus today?

“Dear Heavenly Father, forgive me for not giving value to life, now I understand the reality of abortion and to respect my body, I ask you to forgive me and show me Your Love doing a miracle in my life, I accept the challenge to believe in you and I give my life to Jesus to be healed and transformed, I promise you talk daily Precious Holy Spirit, Amen.”

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